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Snowden Requests Asylum in 21 Countries, but why? 2

Snowden Requests Asylum in 21 Countries, but why?

Edward Snowden, the current most famous whistleblower on this blue pearl drifting along the universe, has requested asylum in 21 countries across the globe. Some Latin-American, like Bolivia, Brazil, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador. Some are major global, antagonistic to the United States, powers, like China, India and Russia. But, he also requested asylum in certain European Union-member countries: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands, and Poland (source). Why? Some of these requests seem unrealistic. He also requested a safe passage to Iceland, Switzerland, Cuba and Ecuador, countries which...

Our final shot. 0

Our final shot.

Being a Dutchman isn’t something to be proud of, this last week. At least, when you’re talking football. The Danish beat us by surprise with a 0-1 victory, and the Germans walked on our barily living corpse with a 1-2 victory. Only by sheer luck does Holland still have a minute chance of going through to the next round: we would have to beat Portugal with at least a two-goal difference, and Germany would have to beat Denmark.