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Sunshine of your Love 1

Sunshine of your Love

  12th of March, 2012. The first real day of spring. In order to celebrate, I wrote a post about it. The theme-song of that day was The Beatles’ ‘Here...

7 WTFacts (Music I) 0

7 WTFacts (Music I)

1. Norah Jones is Ravi Shankar’s daughter. You might’ve heard about Norah Jones, jazz-musician. You might not have heard of Ravi Shankar. Well, Ravi Shankar was an Indian-musician, renowned for...

In Honor of the Sun Shining Today 0

In Honor of the Sun Shining Today

Ever wondered how ‘Here Comes the Sun’ could’ve sounded if they added a guitar-solo in the middle? Well, no need for wondering anymore, as you can hear it in this...