A Collection Of Videogame Wallpapers (ft. Gaben)

I was avoiding writing an essay, and got inspired by a picture I saw to make some videogame wallpapers (featuring our glorious overlord, GabeN). When I uploaded it to imgur, I saw I had quite a backlog of gaming-related wallpapers which I might as well post here. I actually did another post like this before (with formula 1 related wallpapers), which you can find here. So, here goes, starting with the one I made today and the others following after the jump. Hope they can be of some use to you!

(click this link to the full album)

As an added treat to you who’ve been linked here directly (or have clicked ‘Continue Reading’ from the frontpage), here’s the .PSD file, and I’ll tell you how to make you own version of this wallpaper (no rights reserved). Open the file in photoshop, and look to the ‘layer selection’ screen (if you can’t find it, hit F7 to toggle it on or off). There are three folders: ‘Gaben’s face + gradient’, ‘INSERT HERE’ and ‘examples’. Copy the picture you want to be GabeN-fied, and in the .PSD file hit CTRL+V (paste). In the layer view, drag the newly created layer with your picture to the folder ‘INSERT HERE’. Hit ‘save as’ and save it as a .png (or .jpg if you hate quality compression) and voila, you are now ready to use it as your background.

SteamOS: this one I created a few months ago. It is 100% brushwork, taking inspiration from both the SteamOS logo and the standard Ubuntu background. In the album included is a giant 2560×1600 version, and one that shows how it looks on my desktop.

(click this link to the full album)

Dragonborn: this Skyrim inspired wallpaper is part of a set of four representing the four seasons. If you are going to download one, I suggest you download them all since they work great in rotation.

(click this link to the full album)

Soldier: this one was a request after I had made the Skyrim set. Again, it is part of a set of four, with alternate maps being used in the others. I suggest you use this one in rotation as well.

(click this link for the full album)

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