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Design: Niki Lauda’s 1984 helmet

ArtFormula 1

Niki Lauda is perhaps among the top three of the most famous drivers F1 has had, next to Schumacher and Senna. The Austrian driver entered Formula 1 in 1971 and had his last season in 1985. Not only is he known for the three world titles he achieved during his career and being the only one doing so with both Ferrari and McLaren, he is probably best remembered by his horrible crash at the Nürburgring which left most of his face with third degree burns. The title challenge between him and James Hunt in the 1976 season was excellently depicted in the Ron Howard movie ‘Rush‘ (IMDb). It is available on Netflix, and if you haven’t seen it already, you must do so as soon as possible if you have only a tiny bit of enthusiasm for racing. Keep reading

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