Joe Gibbs Racing McLaren 720S GT3 Evo || ACC Custom Livery

There are two reasons why I wouldn’t upload a completed livery. The first being that I was paid to keep the livery exclusive. In that case, the person ordering the commission has full control over who gets to have access to the livery I made for them.

The other reason? Well, that is when I have not receive payment for the work I’ve done.

Luckily, I’ve only had to deal with the latter situation once before, when I foolishly sent the finished liveries before receiving payment. This time, the person requesting the commission decided they did not want to commission a livery after all after I had already made the livery. And, instead of coming to an agreement with me (going so far as to offer a deep discount on my work), they decided to ghost me.

Unfortunately, I can’t force people to pay up, nor would I want to. And I love to give away liveries I’ve made, for free. But I am not in the habit of working for people for free. Thus, I’m only showing this livery off (instead of sharing it wholly) in the off-chance this could set a precedent for future commissions. I hope you guys understand!

The livery

The base design, the #54 Joe Gibbs Racing NASCAR

The original commission asked for a version of the Joe Gibbs Racing #54 NASCAR livery, themed around the green, black and red of Interstate Batteries. This version would need to be for the McLaren 720S GT3 evo, but with the number 68 instead of 54. And, instead of the regular in-game numberplates, it would feature NASCAR-style racing numbers.

One of the hardest parts was finding a font that would resemble the style of numbers found in the picture above, and getting to align the #68 across the 5 panels on the roof.

I went for a sponsor layout somewhere in between the regular NASCAR style and how it would have been had the car featured in the GT World Challenge America. And I think it came out pretty nice. Nice enough to show it off, at least!

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Joe Gibbs Racing McLaren 720s GT3 Evo livery – studio shots

Manthey 25 Porsche 991II GT2 CS livery – action shots


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