WEDNESDAY’s WEEKLY [24] (Week 28, 2012)

Wednesday’s weekly. Time for number 24 already. Wow. I don’t know how long this one will be, but I imagine it’ll be longer than the last one. That one was only three lines. Though I don’t have much to say, I’ll talk about the direction this blog is taking, discuss recent layout changes and more. Like what I’ve been doing this past week. This past boring week.

As you might have noticed, I posted a lot of game video’s lately. Why? Because the first one became a hit on YouTube (the Pro Cycling Manager 2012 video) and people commented on that one, saying I should do more. So I did more. I hope you like them, because you might see a whole lot more like them coming in the future, if I find something worthy of making a video of off.

Another thing that’s changed is the header. I got bored with the last one, and think this one looks a bit better. It might look a bit aggressive, like there’s blood painted on the wall. But I like the effect it causes. If you don’t like it and want the older one back (which you can see by clicking this link) feel free to say so in the comments. Personally, I like this one better than the last one, which brings me even closer to perfecting this blog’s layout. Once I find perfection, I probably erase every thing that has to do with the layout. I loathe perfection, and rather work towards it than achieving it.

As for what I’ve been doing this week… Absolutely nothing. I haven’t been out drinking in about three weeks. I try to initiate action among my housemates, but they either don’t have any money, they don’t want to go out, or they have exams. It’s been quite boring. Boring indeed. That’s probably why I’ve been making a lot of these video’s lately, because all I do is playing video games or recording them.

If only the weather was right, I would go out and read a book or something. Or, if I found my key to my mountain bike I would go on a tour. Well, I finally found the number of the key and I had two keys made. Now I only have to wait for them to arrive. Probably in about two days.

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