WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [29] (Week 50, 2012)

Welcome to another edition of Wednesday’s Weekly where I will get you up to speed with everything Felix-related, whether it’s the blog or me. Last week’s weekly was a bit short, as I ran out of time – that is, I didn’t want to be a Debbie downer writing the blog while the whole family was downstairs celebrating Sinterklaas. Today, however, I have not got a finite amount of time on my hands to be able to bring you the last scoops.

First of all, my parents got me a big surprise for Sinterklaas, which is quite literally, BIG.

Yes; my parents got me an ergometer. This advantage is twofold: 1) I get to work out regularly to try to lose all the excess kilograms I’ve built up by drinking lots and lots of beer, and 2) because I’ve been saving up to buy one myself, I can keep a substantial amount of money in my pocket (which could in turn be beneficial to you, but I’ll come back to that later).

Have I been using it? You bet. I’ve had it set up since sunday, and starting monday, I’ve been training daily. On monday, I did two sets of ten minutes, but due to sore muscles I could only do one set of ten minutes on Tuesday. Luckily, my muscles feel a lot better today, and I just finished my first set of 10 minutes (which became 12 minutes because I felt I hadn’t pushed myself enough). Are there any noticeable effects? Not yet, if you don’t count my sore shoulders. But, I will persevere. I will become thin and muscular once again. I must!

It’s been a few hours since I came back from Amsterdam, having had another class this morning. I need to write an essay which is due on friday, which I will do after that. But first, I said something earlier on which I would come back to.

Christmas is fast approaching, and with it the gift-giving commends. I’ve got some extra copies of games in my Steam-library and codes which I want to share with you. I will be making a separate post with all the details, but I’m going to gift a certain number of games to people who ‘like’ on facebook. If you haven’t already, you can ‘like’ the page on the left of your screen, or go to and hit ‘like’.

Yes, I am one of those people now. (Mainly because I need 30 likes to be able to see any statistics on the page, and you might know: I LOVE statistics)

Expect something to be posted about it fairly soon.

Felix dixit.


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