ACC Custom Livery troubleshooting and FAQ

How do I make custom ACC liveries?

You can read my extensive tutorial here.

Where can I download custom ACC liveries?

You can find my custom liveries in this overview post here. Another great resource is Racedepartment’s archive for other people’s work.

I downloaded a custom livery but it does not show up

If you’ve downloaded a custom livery but it does not show in-game, it could be due to a few reasons:

  • If you can’t find the car anywhere in the game make sure the car file (carfilename.json) is in the correct folder. This would be in your Documents folder on your C:\ drive, under Assetto Corsa Competizione, Customs, and Cars.
  • If the car is selectable in-game but has no custom livery, make sure the livery files (decals.png and sponsors.png) are in the correct folder. This would be in your Documents folder on your C:\ drive, under Assetto Corsa Competizione, Customs, and Liveries.

If all of those are set correctly but the game still won’t show the custom livery, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Make sure the game is closed
  • Open the file menuSettings.json in wordpad, you can find this file in your Documents folder on your C:\ drive, under Assetto Corsa Competizione, under Config.
  • Find the value “texDDS” and if it is set to ‘1’, change it to ‘0’. You can find texDDS near the bottom of the file.
  • Save the file and close it.
  • Go into the livery folder (under Customs > Liveries) of the livery you want to add and make sure you delete any files called “” or ““.
  • Start the game and your livery will be there.

My friends can’t see my custom ACC livery

Unfortunately, custom liveries in Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) are not officially supported. The only way you can see them is because they are loaded locally. They are not shared through the server. In order for other people to see your livery, they need to have them installed in their custom liveries folders. This means you have to share them.

There are multiple ways you can share your liveries. A good idea would be to create a shared folder on some cloud-hosting service, such as Google Drive.

I have a different question on custom ACC liveries

Feel free to ask your question in the comments below or by sending me an email at Once I’ve found the answer to your question, I will add both to this page.

12 Responses

  1. Darran says:

    Hi, Thank you for your tutorials and all the information you have shared. I am trying to figure out how to use multiple material types in one livery, i.e. some body panels are matte while others are glossy, but as there is only one decals.json file, it baffles my small mind. Thank you.

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Hi Darran!

      Fun question! You can use the in-game colors to create a “base” layer. Then, you can make a second layer using the decals.png. As a cherry on top, you can add a third layer, by putting decals on the sponsors.png!

      As an example of this, look at the files I made for this livery:

      The white is from the in-game car creator. The matte blue is the decals layer. And all the rest is on the sponsors layer!

      Hope this clears things up for you!

  2. Gaetan willingham says:

    I’m trying to make a custom Aston Martin Livery and the decal colors aren’t matching the ones that are right like the sponsors are. And in Substance painter the colors are how they should be. But in game something gets lost in translation and it’s not the right color. The orange that should be the gulf orange doesn’t match the sponsor. It’s pale like an orange yogurt

    • FelixR1991 says:

      This could be due to 2 things: the studio lighting in the showroom washing the colors, or the value settings for your colors in the decals.json and sponsor.json files. If it’s the former, you can check this by going into any track and see how it looks like with different lighting. If it’s the latter, you can for instance add 0.05 on the metallic value to make the colour “pop” more.

  3. Graham says:

    I have created a livery that shows when I’m on track but it doesn’t appear in the showroom when I am first selecting the car. Why would this happen?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      That’s a weird one, I don’t necessarily have an answer for that one. It could be that retracing the texDDS steps might fix your problem.

  4. Joseph Attenborough says:

    I have made my livery but it’s not applied to the car correctly. It is as if the png file has been slapped on the car and the individual pieces are not in the right places. Can you help?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Just come back to ACC after a while. Trying to upload a new livery using the same steps I have done before, two pngs, two JSONs but when I put the folder name into the car JSON file the car just disappears in game. Never happened before and left me confused.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Felix ! Is there anyway of changing the wheel colour when you do a full custom livery ?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Unfortunately, there is not. It’s one of the downsides to going ‘full custom’, hence why nearly all of my liveries use an in-game base livery instead of just the base carbon layer.

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