ACC livery showcase #01: ten of the best!

Now that Kunos have made it easier to create your own ACC livery, a lot more people have jumped at the opportunity to create more liveries themselves. I myself have found that this is coupled with a huge spike in traffic to my website.

I thought of a way to further help my readers in creating or finding the right livery for them. My conclusion: create a showcase of some of the best liveries out there created by you, the community. Not just for inspiration, but also available to download – see the bottom of this post!

Without any further ado, let’s go to the liveries, shall we?

PS: yes there are some of my own liveries in here just to get to ten. I hope, in future posts, you guys have sent in enough liveries for me to post!

PPS: these liveries came from people on MrGit’s discord. Watch his ACC stream, nearly every night on Twitch!

AMR V8 – WEC livery

Livery created by Jarkko

Want to make your GT3 look like a GTE? Now you can with this awesome looking reproduction of the GTE Aston used in WEC.

Ferrari 488 – Ducati Corse

Livery by myself

Four wheels, two wheels, who cares: it’s red, Italian and noisy. Here’s a Ducati inspired Ferrari livery I made!

Ferrari 488 – JMT Enduro & Sprint

Livery by Denis
Livery by Denis

A lovely duo of liveries I could totally see head out on track in real life, the Sprint (pink) and Enduro (venomous green) liveries made by Denis.

Porsche 2019 – Gulf inspired

Livery by Jarkko

The light-blue and orange combo is a hallmark in endurance racing. Jarkko’s made one with a matte finish and a black touch that really suits the livery, in my humble opinion.

McLaren 720S – F1 livery

Livery by myself

Martini, Gulf, Marlboro. Booze, Oil, Sigarets. Papaya? Fruit. Papaya, best!

Porsche 2019 – Marlboro

Livery by Andreas

On the topic of Marlboro: this Porsche livery really hits the sweet spot reminiscing of the Marlboro-sponsored McLarens of the late 80’s, early 90’s.

Ferrari 488 – Senna edition

Livery by myself

On the topic of late 80’s/early 90’s McLarens, one can hardly forget about the man behind the wheel. No, not Prost – Senna. I created this one by accident (I had the yellow and green, only had to add the blue). If there are some Senna-philes in here, this one might be for you.

AMR V8 – My daily driver

Livery by myself

So this one is just me being vain – this is my daily driver. Since the Aston doesn’t have much variation in livery design, I looks a bit bland but also: clean. Just the way I like it.

Porsche 2018 – Pink Pig

Livery by Andreas

Among our group, the pink pig has become somewhat of a target for harassment, but with all the retro-inspired liveries already in here, this one you can’t really miss out on.

Send in your own!

These are just ten quick examples of what you can do using the livery post we created. I would love to see what you can do with the liveries in ACC. If you want to make it in next week’s post, feel free to send me an email at containing your own .json file as an attachment. Also, please let me know how you want to be creditted (name/website/twitter/instagram account, etc).


You can download the liveries by clicking on this link

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  1. November 2, 2019

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  2. November 9, 2019

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