ACC livery showcase #02: Porsche extravaganza!

Last week I posted the first post in a new format I’d named the ‘ACC livery showcase’. It was pretty well received – at least good enough to warrant a follow up. I even received two emails of people volunteering their custom liveries by sending me an email on Other’s are sourced through MrGit’s discord channel by asking people whether I could use theirs.

When putting all of the cars together for this week, the Porsche’s popularity was evident. It helps that it has some of the best skintemplates you can customise yourself.

I have to start this post with an apology to Andreas. Last week, I took an older version of his Pink Pig Porsche, and I promised I would present the new one as the first entry to the second installment of the ACC livery showcase!

Trüffeljäger Rennsport by Andreas

Compared to the older Pink Pig Andreas made, this one has slightly different colors, no sponsors, and a numberplate that pays tribute to the livery’s origins: the Porsche 917.

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 Evo by DEMA Motors SRT

This one was sent to me by email (the first to do so!) by a representative from DEMA Motors SRT, which as I understand, is an Italian sim-racing team. They use this livery to show their alliance and I think with the flashy purple mirrors and chrome orange rims, their allegiance is hard to miss on track!

Manta Foxtail Tribute by Yurahe

This livery made by Yurahe pays tribute to the Opel Manta Foxtail, made famous by the Nurburgring 24H race in which it is a fan-favourite. I wouldn’t say it is necessarily a pretty livery, but it sure approach the colorscheme of the Opel.

Mercedes AMG GT3 by ZaidenGER

On paper, gloss blue with matte grey and green details shouldn’t work, but for some reason this livery by MrGit-regular Tobi/Zaiden just hits a sweet spot I didn’t know existed. I asked him whether I could include his livery in this post specifically to which he luckily agreed. Thanks Tobi!

Porsche 991II GT3 R by BrinkYeti

This is another one I specifically asked to be included because look at it! BrinkYeti originally tried to make a Manthey Porsche tribute but ended up with this and there’s nothing wrong with that. Awesome work!

Lamborghini Huracan GT3 by Yurahe

Another entry by Yurahe, who really likes his Lambo’s. On the one hand, it is quite plain-looking, but on the other there might be some Irishmen who would really appreciate the orange/green mix! Kidding aside, green/orange colorschemes have been a Lamborghini staple for years and this might just be another!

Max Rockatansky tribute by Andreas

At first I was baffled by this one, until Andreas explained this is from the first Mad Max movie. As a tribute, it is pretty much as spot on as can be. Now don’t start ramming people off road yelling “WITNESS ME” while racing in this livery, afaik that was only in Fury Road.

Audi R8 LMS Evo by FelixR1991

Since I was still three liveries short, I’m going to post some of my own I made lately that I’m proud off. This one was a bit inspired by Zaiden’s Mercedes, which I made live on stream yesterday, but I made it without looking at his colorcodes. It turns out it is pretty similar, but also diffirent enough for me not to feel I’m ripping his idea off. 🙂

Wayne Racing Ferrari by FelixR1991

Another one of my creations, the name is a bit of a joke/reference to Batman. “What if Bruce Wayne would be a Gentleman driver”- that sort of thing. I reckon the Ferrari has the most Batcar-like features. What do you guys think? Would Bruce be a Blancpain driver, and if so, what car would he drive?

Porsche 991II GT3 R by FelixR1991

This final creation I made for friday’s 60min Wet Monza event on MrGit’s servers since I really liked the Porsche’s driving in the rain from the Monza special event. I really like how it both stands out but is still somewhat toned-down in terms of crazy colouring. What do you guys think?

Send in your own!

These are just ten quick examples of what you can do using the livery post and the new skintemplate post we created. I would love to see what you can. If you want to make it in next week’s post, feel free to send me an email at containing your own .json file as an attachment. Also, please let me know how you want to be creditted (name/website/twitter/instagram account, etc).


You can download the liveries by clicking on this link.