Tool: Assetto Corsa’s Setup Tips

I’ve found that setting up cars in Assetto Corsa Competizione is a bit above my current skill level. For me (and probably a lot of other enthusiasts like me) there are just too many variables which can make a car go round faster, but also slower. Toe, caster, rebound, differential preload: what do these terms mean? I have a vague idea of what they are, but how do they pertain to the performance of my car in different situations?!

I was in dire need of some setup tips.

In Assetto Corsa Competizione the explanations (at the time of writing) for each adjustable part of the car are quite lacklustre. They don’t teach you much, if anything at all. Enter Assetto Corsa (1).

The first Assetto Corsa had loads of great explanations which hold true in general. I thought that it could form a great outside resource for reference when trying to find the right setup. But, booting up Assetto Corsa each time you want to adjust your setup is a bit of a hassle. So I transcribed all of them.

Without much further ado; here it is!
Click here for the direct link to the document if the embedded version doesn’t work.


These are still just bare text explanations. I was thinking, if there is any interest, to add illustrations and make a version much more specific to Assetto Corsa Competition. Please, if you are interested in such a document, let me know either on reddit or twitter.

Happy reading and racing!

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