Register now for DTM mini-competition #3, recap of #2

Registration is now open for the third rendition of our 90’s DTM Mini-Competition. After two succesful editions, this third one will focus on US-based tracks. First, we’ll be heading to New Jersey’s Motorsports Park, followed by Riverside (short). Lastly, we’ll be heading to Mountain Peak Roadcourse (B). You can register your participation now by following this link.

If you don’t have access yet to the closed beta of, send me an email ( with your steam-associated email address so I can send you an invite!

Recap of Mini-Comp #2

Thursday the 14th of January was the second of our DTM Mini-Competition nights, after a succesful first edition. This edition was somehow even more succesful, with 21 people registering to participate and 19 participants. You can watch the VOD here, or read the short recap below!


Race 1 was at South Africa’s premier racetrack, the revised Kyalami circuit. Pole position fell prey to DUB STAR and his BMW (1:53.074), followed by Hat Waeijen in the Alfa (1:53.256) and Guido Trampe in (again) the BMW (1:53.306).

The race was eventually won by DUB STAR after a fierce battle with Alexander Bonner for the lead, which the latter drew the short end of the stick by spinning out after trying a move around the outside. I managed to avoid incidents to come home in second, while being hounded by Hat Waeijen. Fastest lap went to DUB STAR, whose 1:54.422 was 0.003 seconds faster than Hat’s best time of 1:54.425.

For a full overview of the results, click here.


Race 2 saw us visit Britain’s Goodwood, known for its classic revival races. Pole position went to myself, being the only one to dive below 1:20 (1:19.857). Remco Hitman came in second (1:20.155), while Alexander Bonner rounded out the top three (1:20.337).

The race’s start turned out to be quite the mess, due to Goodwood’s ‘unique’ 3-2-3-2 starting grid meaning less space for people than they are accustomed to. When the dust settled, I found myself in the lead but was quickly reeled in by DUB STAR who cruised to a third victory and the fastest lap (1:19.866). I managed to bring home second with quite some distance to third place Bazza von Dutch.

The full results to this race can be browsed here.

Nürburgring (sprint)

The third and final race brought us to the Eifel mountains, where the sprint-layout to Nürburgring was waiting for us. Again, DUB STAR achieved pole position, this time obliterating any opposition (1:33.241). A distant second was Alexander Bonner (1:33.912), while Jeroen Jongen was an even more distant third (1:34.578).

The race itself fell again prey to DUB STAR, but not after another fierce battle with Alexander Bonner with an unfortunately identical result for the latter, meaning that Jeroen Jongen was able to nab second and Guido Trampe managed to get the final spot on the podium. Fastest lap was, for a third time, for DUB STAR (1:34.639).

This result is viewable on this page.

Results Table

For our Mini-competitions, we count the two best results out of the three races so people are allowed to make a mistake without it ruining their chance at glory. This doesn’t matter to DUB STAR, as he won all three of the races to take home the honors of winning our second 90’s DTM Mini-Competition. My two second-place finishes meant I placed second, while Jeroen Jongen’s strong last race saw him nab the final spot on the podium.

The full results table is as follows:

Edition #3

The third edition will see a small change in the ruleset. While the first two renditions had any electronic assists turned off, the third one will be set to factory settings. This means that ABS is enabled for cars who have this feature (sorry Alfa fans).

The mods needed for this week are listed below, click for download links to RaceDepartment:

You can register here. Don’t forget to join our discord, sync our calendar and follow our twitter account if you haven’t done already to keep up with the latest news and upcoming races!

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