Android: Five free Apps I need

My cellphone is getting really old. The HTC HD2 I have came stock with Windows Mobile 6.5. It seemed a safe choice back then, Android was still up and coming and I didn’t know a lot about it. Windows Mobile 6.5 was getting old, but at least it didn’t have any bugs anymore, so I reasoned. I decided to get it, especially because Windows Phone 7 had been announced, and there were rumors about an update coming for the HTC. Boy, was I wrong.

It broke down twice. Luckily, I bought insurance along with it. After the second time it broke down and came back fixed, I decided to root it and put android on it as an operating system. One of my best choices I ever made. A new world opened up before me. The world of custom-made apps. Now, after having Android for almost a year of keeping up with the scene, I’m pretty sure I can suggest some great apps which you might not have already. I’ll give it a shot. After the jump, that is.

1. Dolphin Browser HD (Internetbrowser)

Easily the best and fastest browser there is. It’s easy, and it is the only one that incorporates the full use you can get from a smartphone. Normal browsers only show a thumbnail of a picture to save data, this one just shows the damn picture as it is. Touch gestures are used for fast browsing. You can link symbols to websites, which forward you to said website. It’s easy, fast, and no nonsense. I’ve had a lot of browsers, but this one takes the cake. If you don’t have it already, click on the link and it will take you there.


2. Solitaire (the cardgame)

Nothing beats an old-school game of solitaire. Just start it up, play the game, enjoy. This one is especially great because it keeps track of your statistics. Percentage won, fastest game, least amount of moves… It really is just the most complete game of solitaire. Supports landscape-mode, but I prefer to use the normal portrait-mode. Either way, this game makes waiting bearable. At least, for me, that is.


3. (Utility)

When you have to study, like I do, in a foreign language, it’s easier to have an app search definitions and synonyms of words you don’t understand. This app does just that. Nothing more, nothing less. Understanding highbrow textbooks has never been easier when you have this app by your side. It does require an internet connection, but that’s logical. You can’t put a dictionary inside an app without taking up huge amounts of space. You can’t. Combine it with the google translate app, and it’s foolproof.


4. Grooveshark remote (Music Utility)

If you have, like me, a Grooveshark account, you might like this app. Just connect it to your WiFi, start up grooveshark on your PC and voila, your cellphone changes in a remote for your very own mediaplayer. The free version only offers song-select, but the paid version (which I have) gives you full functionality over your music. I’m talking volume-control, making playlists, etc. You will never have to get off your couch to change your music. I understand iOS has a comparable app for iTunes, but this is as close as it gets.


5. Titanium Backup (Memory Utility)

Want to make sure your data stays intact when your cellphone crashes? Is internal memory clogging up? I suggest downloading this app. Simply the best root-app I’ve seen, and I’ve seen quite a lot of them. This is the only free app that can force internal memory-using apps to external memory. Yeah, it takes a while for them to be moved, but I’ve gained much needed internal memory space because of this app. If you’re in need of anything like this, I suggest this one above all others out there.

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