Enhanced Diecast #4: Hot Wheels 1:64 Corvette C8.R GTE

The Chevrolet Corvette C8.R was supposed to debut at Le Mans last year, but due to Covid the team saw fit to pull out of the event, opting to only do IMSA for 2020. With great success: winning 6 out of 11 races, and scoring 3 second-place finishes races in the GTLM-class.

Fortunately, Hot Wheels brings the C8.R to Europe as #105/250 of their 2021 releases (HW Race Day 6/10). I bought mine for about five bucks on Aliexpress, which was delivered within a few weeks.

This time, I opted not to use spraypaint but regular acryllics. I read up that for detailing, this works just as well. And it did!

Using a couple of pictures for reference (namely, this one and this one), I went to work. You can see the results below with a description below!

I painted the rear wing black and gave the endplate a fresh coat of red paint. I painted the inside of the air ducts on the side black. The mirrors I painted red, just like the source material. I also added some red detailing on the windshield’s banner. I also painted the hood vents black, added detailing to the headlights.

You can also see how I tried to mimic the Michelin logo. Due to the scale we’re talking of (1:64), I did the best I could.

I also did the taillights according to the source material, as well as the air vents (including the grey paint scheme). I painted where the numberplate would go black and added the “PRO” plate found in real life as well. The exhaust was painted grey, as well as some details in the diffuser and the mirror part of the wingmirror.

This picture shows well what I did to the front bumper. First, I painted the canard, endurance light and parts of the upright ‘fins’ in the bumper black. I added a bit of grey on the bottom part, just like it has in the original. Then, I added six highlights to mimic the endurance lights.

Here’s another picture of the rear. It looks a bit messy, but remember: between the white dots are just 1 cm apart, making the car 7.5 cm long and 3 cm wide.

I hope you liked this Hot Wheels enhancement. Please let me know if you have some tips on how I can improve my work!

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