Enhanced Diecast: Hot Wheels 1:64 BMW Z4 M GT3

The BMW Z4 M GT3/GTE was announced in 2010 and started racing in a wide range of categories before being replaced by the M6 GT3 in 2016. In 2020, Hot Wheels (re)released a tribute to this car (#172/250, Nightburnerz 7/10) which arrived on my doormat via Aliexpress a week ago.

This sunday, I found the time to ‘enhance’ the quite barebones paintjob on the Z4 M like I did with the Ford GT40 before and the Bentley Continental GT3 before that – making this my third enhancement. Lets see how it went!


Here’s the materials I used. I used the same Tamiya spraypaints I’ve been using before (TS-30/Silver leaf, TS-49/Bright red, TS-29/Semi-gloss black, TS-26/Pure white), a 000 and 0 size acryllic brush, a piece of cardboard and my trusty toothpick to scratch away excess paint.

Before shots

cat tax.

The paintjob

Now, before I show you the after results, lets adress what I did to it.

On the front, I painted:

  • the splitter black;
  • the grille silver;
  • the kidneys black;
  • the holes in the front bumper black;
  • a dark line above the headlights;
  • the headlight coverings silver;
  • the headlights white.

On the top, I painted:

  • the hoodclips silver;
  • the windshield washers black;
  • a black line around the front windshield;
  • a white sunblocker on the windshield;
  • the antenna black;
  • the rear wing black.

On the sides, I painted:

  • the rims black;
  • the axle red;
  • parts of the tire wall white (to fake a logo);
  • the inside of the side airvents black.

On the rear, I painted:

  • the inside of the rear airvents black;
  • the exhaust gaps black;
  • the exhausts silver (with a black inner dot);
  • auxilliary holes black;
  • the brake lights red;
  • the rear lights red;

On the bottom, I painted:

  • the exhaust silver.

I’m sorry to bother you with this long list.

The finished product

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