0C Thursday14-17

After having wandered and explored the race track for an hour or so, you find yourself sitting behind a microphone, as the driver’s presser is about to start. Initially, all attention is to last race’ winner, Louis Wellington. Questions about his expectations for this race. You know, the usual stuff.

Quietly, you doze off, dreaming about what could’ve been your victory. You can actually feel Ricardo Daniels’ shoey dripping from your mouth as he pours it into your disgusted mouth.


Suddenly, you are wide awake as Nico Thörenberg plants an elbow right on your biceps trying to wake you up.


“Sorry, can you repeat the question?” you ask, while you wipe the drool out of the corner of your mouth. On your other side, you see Louis Wellington snickering.

“Okay,” the reporter responds. “How do you think you will be able to bounce back from last week’s disappointing result?”