1B Friday08-10


The next morning, you wake up feeling refreshed, ready to jump in the car and show your worth. You hope the team wasn’t too angry after your tangent at the press conference.

As you approach the track, ready to make your first kilometres of the weekend, you run into Daniels. “Oy, mate”, he yells over to your side of the box. You acknowledge his greeting, put on your helmet and strap yourself into the car, which has been prepared overnight. While you plug in your radio, you overhear Marko Helmuts and [Christian Horner] chatting on the radio.

“You think he will stay with us?”

“Maybe. I mean, I don’t have a crystal ball like you do, Marko.”

“Ha ha. Very funny. You are lucky the big boss is keen on you, boy. If it were up to m-”

“But it isn’t, old man. It isn’t.”

You’re trying to hold your laughter, but fail miserably. Unfortunately, your finger slips on the steering wheel, pushing the transmit button sending your laughter into the ether where it is quickly picked up by both Helmuts and [Horner] across the pitlane. They quickly turn their heads toward your pitbox, [Horner] smirking. Marko’s eyebrows hanging lower than you ever thought possible.

While you feel your cheeks become even more red than usual, your engineer approaches and asks you what program you want to do this session.