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Seeing as this is a new blog, I shall grab this opportunity to introduce my favourite band – Faunts. Faunts is a Canadian post-rock indie band. That’s music-language for relaxing, almost atmospheric music. I’ll give you an example:

This band has made two full albums, an EP and an album full of remixes. They are sadly on hiatus, and little is known if they will ever produce a new album.

I stumbled upon this band as one of their songs (the one above) featured in the credits of a videogame I liked, some five years ago. I was around 15 or 16 at the time, and really only listened to heavy stuff like System of a Down, Metallica and Rammstein. This particular song opened a new world for me: that of indie-rock. I always disliked the britpop/rock, either because I was really stubborn or I was just a hipster, but this song changed that. One of the first songs my parents didn’t hate me for playing it.

Five years in, and this is still my most listened to song on last.fm (save for one, but that song was on autoplay by accident, when I had my sound off). Acknowledging that the original song  is around 8:20 minutes, this is really a special feat.

I can’t really think of a song by Faunts that I dislike. Yes, there are songs that are a bit too slow, but I think these where just meant as an intermezzo between songs. You can’t judge a song on that.

If you decide to listen to a Faunts song, I recommend you listen to the whole album before passing judgement. You’ll feel relaxed and happy when the final song plays out its final notes.

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