Lexus RC F GT3: Full custom ACC Livery-design.

There’s been a way to make fully custom liveries for ACC ever since the first lockdown, when the templates were leaked. I dabbled with creating some liveries, but never really took a deep dive into it. Partly because of a lack of time, and partly because I had no reason to make a fully custom livery.

Now though, I’ve been adopted into a tiny (~5-person strong) Dutch ACC community/team. This finally gave me a reason to create a fully custom livery, to contribute to the team cohesion.

For an upcoming race on Paul Ricard, we decided to take the Lexus. However, since there are no in-game liveries available to fly our team colors, I decided to make one. The above video is the result. Below, you’ll find some more showroom pictures, as well as some shots I took from a session last night!

Oh and uh, if you want to have this livery yourself: here’s the download link (gDrive).

Showroom pics

Monza pics

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  1. February 24, 2021

    […] “skinTemplateValue”. You can also do this to have your car be half-carbon, half-livery like I did with my Lexus livery. This has one downside: others will just see a grey car on […]