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When I posted the Yardley McLaren M23 livery, someone on Reddit complained that I was only making these F1 retro liveries for the McLaren car. This led me to contemplate which other GT3 cars would be a natural match with a historic Formula 1 livery. Unsurprisingly, the first car to pop into my mind was the Ferrari 296 GT3. Not just because of Ferrari’s history, but also the numerous other Italian outfits which have participated in Formula 1. This led to me selecting three of my favourites:

You can find these cars and all my other Formula 1-inspired custom liveries for Assetto Corsa Competizione on the Formula 1 livery collection page.

The 1989 Minardi M189

Minardi is perhaps best known for being one of the longest-enduring backmarker teams. While many teams in Minardi’s position at the back of the field would fold within 5 years, Minardi held on for 21 seasons before being bought by Red Bull to become Scuderia Toro Rosso (now Alpha Tauri). In those 21 seasons, they had just 21 point-scoring finishes. 4 of which were achieved with their 1989 car, the Minardi M189.

Minardi M189 in 1989, picture via Minardi.it

The M189’s livery is perhaps the most iconic Minardi livery among their portfolio of liveries. It inspired Jumbo supermarket chain owner/fraudster and racing nut Frits van Eerd to brandish their stores in the same colours. Later, it would even be implemented for their Jumbo-sponsored LMP2 car.

As for my version of the livery features the same diagonal bands as found on the original. I tried my best to include as many sponsors as on the original, but each picture of this car features a different set of sponsors. This is most likely due to many sponsors at the time sponsoring the team on a per-race basis. I even had to recreate a couple of the logos of now-defunct companies since I could not find them through Google, most likely never having had a website to begin with.

The final result can be seen in the video (above) or screenshots below. Do you want to download and use the final livery? Feel free to do so by clicking the big red bar below which leads you to my shared Google Drive.

Download the Minardi M189 F296 livery here

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Minardi M189 F296 GT3 livery – studio shots

Minardi M189 F296 GT3 – action shots


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