Make your own Ferrari Challenge custom livery!

Custom liveries can really add something to a championship. A sense of identity and recognizability, as well as a bit of realism. The in-game made liveries often stick out like a sore thumb. To my overly critical eyes at least.

To me, a good custom livery blends in nicely with the real-world liveries found in the game. Unfortunately, the in-game liveries fail to do so because of a lack of branding and sponsors. The reason for this is simple: licensing.

  • Sidenote: while I’m not a lawyer, I suspect the rights to put (existing) logos and brands on cars are not included within the SRO license. Hence, custom liveries are not officially supported nor endorsed within ‘official’ Kunos events.

Because I like to take screenshots of our events both for documentation and promotion, I found a way to satisfy my mild OCD. For both the Ginetta Cup and the SuperTrofeo, I offered to make custom liveries for our participants, based on my own template. Making variants of the same resource made it less labour-intensive to quickly make liveries, resulting in great sets such as the liveries seen in this video.

Even though this method meant little effort, it did take time (between 15 and 30 minutes) to create a personalized custom livery. Now that I have full-time employment again, this is a luxury I can no longer afford.

For the Ferrari Challenge, this meant a dilemma. I want people to have realistic liveries, but: I can’t make them myself.

The solution: make your own!

For the Ferrari Challenge, I went a different route. Instead of creating my own full custom livery from which I can make spin-offs, I made only a custom sponsor overlay. The Ferrari already has some great in-game templates to start from, and adding the sponsors overlay is just the cherry on top.

I created two versions. One with white text, and one with black text (both pictured below). You can use either one to start creating your own custom livery!

A little how to, to get you started:

  1. Download the ‘custom livery’ from my Google Drive (link)
  2. Copy the folders and drop them in ‘Assetto Corsa Competizione\Customs‘, located in your Documents folder
  3. Open the game and go to the car selection menu in either single- or multiplayer
  4. Select the Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo and the ‘The Privateer’s Pitbox’ team
  5. Click on ‘edit’ with either of the two cars
  6. Edit the car like you would normally (incl. colours, nationality, name, number, etc.)
  7. Save the car (either overwrite the car or ‘save as new’)
  8. Select and use the car to race online!


  • You only need to download the ‘custom’ livery once, because the custom livery is essentially the same for everyone.
  • Using the in-game editor, you are not ‘stuck’ with one livery and can easily change your look between races if you think of a cool new colour combination. Even if you want to drive a bright pink car, you can!
  • The more people use this custom livery, the more cohesive and thus realistic the field looks, relieving my OCD
  • Your car will look normal to people who don’t have the custom files when racing on public servers


  • This way of creating custom liveries results in a less personalized livery than my previous method (no name and flag on the door)
  • You are stuck with a big ‘The Privateer’s Pitbox’ textbox on your door and logo on the bonnet
  • People still won’t be able to see the sponsors.png on public servers.

I hope you like this little resource to spice up your Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO’s livery, and feel free to use it in our Ferrari Challenge events! Be sure to enter our discord (click the discord logo on this page) or to follow @The_Pitbox on twitter to get the latest updates!

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