Pledges, season 2.

Last year, a Dutch public broadcasting network called BNN came with a new series called ‘Feuten’, or pledges. It was ‘based’ upon the dealings of Dutch fraternities. It featured ridiculously bad acting, plot-holes a country the size of Monaco could sink in, and the ‘facts’ it used where bullshit, those weren’t facts at all.

Previously, the writers of ‘Feuten’, called each fraternity in Holland if they could try and capture the atmosphere of the ‘pledging’, called ‘ontgroening’ or ‘kmt’. Ofcourse, every fraternity declined.

We liked to watch the first season in our studenthouse, to laugh at the ridiculous story. Include the fact that it is broadcast during our dinnertime, add a beer, and our dinnertimes where full of laughter. The first season ended in a mixture between badly executed movie clichés, Scarface, The Godfather, Basic Instinct, they were all included. After eight or-so episodes, ‘Feuten’ was finally over. At least, we thought.

Today, the actors returned to perform the first episode of season 2. The story picks up right where season 1 left off. But now, a royal family member is about to sign up to be a pledge. This makes me mad. Before, after season one, it could have been based on all the fraternities in Holland. Because this feature clearly resembles my fraternity, LSV Minerva.

Please, BNN, pull the plug on this monstrous production. Nobody enjoys it. Ratings have always been low for the show, so you won’t lose any money on advertisement. This is just wasting tax-payers money, and the only people you are trying to entertain, you’ve just pissed off. You don’t know how things go on a fraternity, so stop guessing. It’s over, the jig is up. You’re just trying to reanimate a corpse by defacating into its mouth, i.e. it’s not working.

Pull the plug. Seriously.


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