Hello there, reader! Today is the first of the May, which marks (more or less) the 3-month anniversary of this blog (January 30th was the exact date). Because of this, and because I have generated a lot of data as of now, I will post this website’s statistics monthly. Mainly because I love statistics myself, but also because I receive some questions as to what kind of numbers my blog attracts. By combining data from my indigenous WordPress hitcounter and my Google Analytics account, I can offer quite a clear picture to answer that question. As you can see up top, my all-time views are at 8.555. But this is not all. Hit the jump button to see the galore of statistics.

average visits per day. February had 75, March 82 and April saw 88 average visitors. It is climbing at a steady rate of about 7-6 more per month. I’m really curious as to what my average visitor count will be next month – if it will keep rising, or if it will stay level.

This is not really a visitor count, but more a post count; the amount of posts I’ve written. It went from 21, to 17, to 22. 22 is a good amount, I’ll try to uphold that number this month.



This accurately describes which browser you used to view this blog. I’m proud of you, because the mainly used browser is Google Chrome. Chrome is also my browser of choice, it is therefore the best possible browser to visit this site with (because I only test the contents using Chrome).

This chart shows the search terms you use(d) to find my blog on the left (search traffic makes up 18.33% of the entire traffic, as seen on the right). As you can see on the right, 62.58% is referral traffic, which means that almost two-thirds of you arrived here through a direct link: either facebook, twitter or other blogs. But what I am most proud of, almost 20% goes directly to my blog. I predict that this direct traffic will rise, just like the search traffic, and the direct referral traffic will subside over time.

This last graph shows the language  of my visitors. ‘English’ consists of every english-speaking nationality. ‘Other’ has languages such as Spanish, Danish, German, Japanese, and so forth. The biggest piece of this pie is ofcourse the Dutch language, my native language. But it does prove that my awkward english isn’t done for nothing.

Well, there you have it. These are most of the stats I can present you with. I have one last chart you can see, which is the reader-count of every post I have ever written. ‘Home Page’ and ‘About Me’ are on top, obviously. But last week’s HTC One X review has found its way to the top too. Here it is:

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