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An Ode to my (new) Xbox 0

An Ode to my (new) Xbox

February 13 shall forever be known as the date my first real gaming companion passed away. I wrote an extensive obituary. But now, 362 days later this 9th of February (last year was a leap year, remember?) I woke up to a new baby. A giant box on my doorstep, posing as an unwanted baby. But then again, this one was wanted. I ordered this beast of a box yesterday, when I noticed a sale: a 250GB Xbox 360 slim with Halo 4, discounted from €249 to €189. Because my birthday...

An Ode to my Xbox 6

An Ode to my Xbox

I brought you in early 2006. I had worked hard to purchase you. I bought you alongside a great racing game, Project Gotham Racing 3. Together we won every race in single player, so we switched to multiplayer. We kept winning. Eventually, we dominated the leaderboards. Together, we reached the top 200 worldwide. I was proud of us. I bought some other games. PGR3 was dying down. I got Forza 2 for us to enjoy. I put it in your drive, and it was marvellous. Again, we ruled the world....