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“Turn on the Lights” 1

“Turn on the Lights”

Yesterday, I was walking back from university towards the train station. I suddenly encountered a large mass of people, so I decided to stop and look at what was about to happen. Turns out to be a small festival of sorts to celebrate the start of the holiday season, sponsored by the Dutch store-chain ‘De Bijenkorf’. Anyway, I decided to film parts of it. There was a high level of ‘WTF’, so I hastily edited the footage together to give you an impression. Have fun.

#Storm 0


I walked past this fallen beast, due to the dreadful storm that kept me from being at home for ~3 hours. Yesterday, there was a storm in the Netherlands. The biggest storm in my lifetime, actually. Since 1990 (I was born in ’91), there hasn’t been a storm such like this one. And I was right in the middle of it. I thought it was fun. It broke up the daily routine a bit, it brought some excitement to my daily life. This is my story. My story on how...

Putin is visiting Amsterdam, Amnesty jumps on the Bandwagen 0

Putin is visiting Amsterdam, Amnesty jumps on the Bandwagen

I noticed these pictures on my facebook-feed, made an Imgur-album of them and they are currently featuring on the frontpage of Reddit, just below the news of Thatcher’s death. All credit on these pictures are to Steven for making them, and bringing them to my attention – and subsequently to the attention of the world.

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [15] (Week 19, 2012) 0

WEDNESDAY’S WEEKLY [15] (Week 19, 2012)

A little later than usual, but it’s still Wednesday, so I’ll allow it: another weekly! What have I been up to? Well, all there is to know will be said in about the next 400 words. So, if you’re interested, and I know you are, just keep reading. Or, press continue reading on the bottom right of this page if you haven’t already. HERE WE GO!