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7 WTFacts (Animals) 0

7 WTFacts (Animals)

1. It took scientists 300 years to give the Giant Tortoise its scientific (latin) name. Why, do you ask? During the 16th and 17th century, Spanish sailors frequently visited the Galapagos Islands. Because the Giant Tortoise isn’t very fast, they where easy prey. They could live in a ships hull for long periods of time, so it would be easy to bring one back to Europe. Instead, something different happened. They were apparently delicious to eat. So delicious in fact, that none of them made it to Europe alive for...

So I heard the internet likes Cats 0

So I heard the internet likes Cats

Cats, cats, cats. The internet is full of cats. So, I’ll introduce you to mine. Well, he’s not actually my cat, he’s my studenthouse’s cat. He was adopted from the animal shelter about three years ago. He had been a stray cat for the first 2-3 years of his life, after which he was submitted to the shelter. When we got him, he had to go on a special diet because of the plastic still resting in his stomach. I think he still equates plastic with food. Whenever there’s something...