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THE Best Compilation. Ever. 0

THE Best Compilation. Ever.

Forget all those generic fail-compilations. This is the real work. It’s got everything: action, drama, comedy, thrills and chills. Watch it, I promise it’ll be more than worth the ten minutes it takes.  

RANT: FYRA and the Dutch ‘Poldermodel’ 0

RANT: FYRA and the Dutch ‘Poldermodel’

A few weeks ago, the new high-speed train connection between Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam and Breda (and a possibility to take you to Antwerpen and Brussel) called ‘FYRA’ made its first commercial ride. Five years later than expected, it is supposed to take you from Amsterdam to Breda in 67 minutes, 35 minutes less than taking a normal intercity train. It is owned by the ‘High Speed Alliance’, a consortium of NS (90%) and KLM (10%). It is operated by NS Hi-speed, a NS subsidiary. They opted for trains by...

Spam. Lots and lots of spam. 0

Spam. Lots and lots of spam.

I’m fairly new at this blogging thing and such, but there’s one thing I know: if your popularity is rising, so does your amount of spam. Not only do I spam my facebook-friends with every new blog entry, my pages and posts are getting cluttered with incoherent messages by anonymous spammers. It’s ridiculous really. A blog that has to fight to get to 50 views a day, gets attacked by spammers. What is there to gain? What’s in it for them? I don’t know. Other than that they post their...