Spam. Lots and lots of spam.

I’m fairly new at this blogging thing and such, but there’s one thing I know: if your popularity is rising, so does your amount of spam. Not only do I spam my facebook-friends with every new blog entry, my pages and posts are getting cluttered with incoherent messages by anonymous spammers. It’s ridiculous really. A blog that has to fight to get to 50 views a day, gets attacked by spammers. What is there to gain? What’s in it for them? I don’t know. Other than that they post their website and email-adress, I can’t think of anything, because they have to pass the most rigorous spam filter there is: me. Yes boys and girls, I have the power to censor you. So write bad things about me all you want, it won’t show on my website unless it has some great rhetoric behind it. Some arguments on why you think my blog sucks.

this kind of crap won’t get you through my spamfilter, anonymous mister from Rijswijk, Netherlands

The only thing I really hate about this spam, is that every time I get a notification I get my hopes up. I hope there’s someone acknowledging my blog, but instead it is just a generic spambot, trying to get accepted as a comment. Some of these messages are well written, and are sometimes hard to recognize as spam. It’s only if you look at the context they are written, you notice that they are actually spam. I’ll show you some examples of the spam I’ve gotten in these few weeks my blog has been on the series of tubes.

click for a larger version

I would love for people to comment on my blog, which you can do by clicking the entry title or the ‘no responses‘ like on the bottom of each entry. But please, keep it civil. You won’t make it on my blog anyway, and I don’t care if you dislike my blog by stating I’m a fag. It only shows how big of a loser you are yourself, by having to use this kind of rhetoric.


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