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My room. 0

My room.

Finally finished cleaning, which was a bitch to be hounest. As promised, I’ll put up pictures so you can see how I live. Here ya go: PS: No, it’s not snowing. I have some dust on the camera’s lens, which wasn’t there before. I’ll clean that up too, just as I’ve cleaned my room. Didn’t think it was worthwile to clean it and redo the pictures. I’ve done enough cleaning for today.

Coming back from Holiday… 0

Coming back from Holiday…

Yesterday, I came back from holiday. I really enjoyed skiing, the time spent with my family and the great weather. But, I thought it was about time to go home. I was very close to becoming a whiny little bitch. A much as I love my parents, there’s a certain amount of time I can spend with them, and that limit was almost reached. I had to regain my freedom. (If one of my parents/sisters is reading this, it’s not you, you know it’s me) So, I went back to...