Coming back from Holiday…

Yesterday, I came back from holiday. I really enjoyed skiing, the time spent with my family and the great weather. But, I thought it was about time to go home. I was very close to becoming a whiny little bitch. A much as I love my parents, there’s a certain amount of time I can spend with them, and that limit was almost reached. I had to regain my freedom. (If one of my parents/sisters is reading this, it’s not you, you know it’s me)

So, I went back to Leiden. I came home, dropped my bags in my room and went back down to go to the fridge. Unfortunatly, there wasn’t any beer. I did find a bottle of rum and a bottle of cola, so I went with that. Having finished my drink, I went back upstairs to finally boot up my PC and reconnect to the internet, which I longed for so much. While going upstairs, I noticed something strange. A piece of an xbox.

As I looked closer, I saw more pieces. A faceplate. As you might have read a few weeks ago, my Xbox RRoD’ed. I ran upstairs only to see a messed up 360. It was in shambles. I froze up. What the hell, I thought. I can’t even leave for a week and my belongings get smashed to pieces? I went to a housemate, who advised me to call another housemate. He didn’t answer his phone. About this time, I got really mad.

I was this close to punch the nearest person in the mouth. Fortunatly for that person, he had the housemate which had been advised to me on the phone. I litteraly said to him: “So you think throwing a broken Xbox down the stairs would fix its problems?“. At first, he apologized, but I could hear he couldn’t suppress his laughter any longer. He told me he had found an old Xbox in some cabinet and thrown it down the stairs. He then thought it was funny to switch it with my Xbox.

I was so relieved, I burst out in laughter. I have to admit, it was a good joke. I got my real Xbox back (still broken, but not as much as the other one). I had another drink, and went back to my computer. Business as always.

On another note, the problem with going on holiday with your parents is, that if you come home, you finally realize what a mess your room really is. So, I’ve been cleaning that shit up for the last couple of hours. Like a boss. When it’s finished, I shall post some pictures of my room, which I haven’t done yet. That will give you an insight in how my living situation stands. But in order to get the best pictures, I have to clean some more. I’m almost finished, though.

PS: you’ll get the holiday pictures, I promise. But I do have my priorities. Back to cleaning.

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