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Workouts Added in the Sidebar; an Explanation. 0

Workouts Added in the Sidebar; an Explanation.

The last week has been a very hot one, with temperatures reaching ~35 degrees celsius. My room is on the top floor, so it got even hotter inside my room. I wanted to work out, but it was way too hot to sit inside on the rowing ergometer. Instead, I went out on my shoddy old mountainbike and just rode it, nowhere in particular, and back. Being the statistics nerd I’ve always been, I used my phone’s GPS to track speed, distance, etc. with the Sports Tracker app. However, my...

My Personal Summer Hit of 2012 1

My Personal Summer Hit of 2012

  Every year, there’s a song which dominates the radio during the summer – the summer hit. This year, there’s not yet such a song. I would like to nominate this drum ‘n’ bass song by Rudimental, featuring John Newman, called ‘Feel the Love’. It’s not an exceptionally happy song, which summer hits almost always are, but the message is there: feel the love. I first noticed this song during broadcast of the European Championship, the public broadcaster ‘NOS’ uses this song to compile the matches in a summary. Not...