Workouts Added in the Sidebar; an Explanation.

The last week has been a very hot one, with temperatures reaching ~35 degrees celsius. My room is on the top floor, so it got even hotter inside my room. I wanted to work out, but it was way too hot to sit inside on the rowing ergometer. Instead, I went out on my shoddy old mountainbike and just rode it, nowhere in particular, and back. Being the statistics nerd I’ve always been, I used my phone’s GPS to track speed, distance, etc. with the Sports Tracker app. However, my GPS isn’t very accurate, so it often states I travel at 100km/h. Now, I’m not the worst cyclist in the world, but 100km/h, that’s not anywhere near my normal cruising speed. Even though it isn’t accurate, there’s still some value to it, as I can show you where I’ve been via this nifty box you see to the right. It shows my latest ‘workout’, which today was Leiden – Wassenaar – Den Haag – Scheveningen – Voorburg – Leidschendam – Voorschoten – Leiden, 32km in total. The day before, it was Leiden – Katwijk – Wassenaar – Leiden, which totalled 35km. I’ve made more trips, but you get the point. That’s why it’s there, to share.

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