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The Effects on Political Trust of Political News-Watching among Seniors

For my masters in Political Communication I got the assignment to write a research essay on political trust, combining elements from the course literature with statistical data taken from existing databases (such as PewResearch, World Value Survey or the European Social Survey). Since it was graded with an 8.7/10, I feel confident enough of sharing it online. You can find it below through Scribd – please keep in mind that uploading it kind of messed with the layout so it doesn’t 100% represent the final product. You can read through...

THE5: Television Comedy Series 0

THE5: Television Comedy Series

I have previously announced that I would be making lists of five things I either like, need, or dislike. That was 1.5 weeks ago. I couldn’t write one last week due to my exam, but I’ve kept my promise with today’s first official installment of ‘The 5’, in which I will inform you of my favourite, currently running television series.  If I where to include cancelled shows, I couldn’t fit it down just five. Keep an eye out in the future, I might make another list for cancelled shows.