THE5: Television Comedy Series

I have previously announced that I would be making lists of five things I either like, need, or dislike. That was 1.5 weeks ago. I couldn’t write one last week due to my exam, but I’ve kept my promise with today’s first official installment of ‘The 5’, in which I will inform you of my favourite, currently running television series.  If I where to include cancelled shows, I couldn’t fit it down just five. Keep an eye out in the future, I might make another list for cancelled shows.

5. Family Guy
I never was a big fan of Family Guy when I was a kid. Nowadays, if I look back to those earlier episodes, I can imagine why. Even though it’s a cartoon, a lot of jokes went over my head as a kid. You would have to be older, and wiser, to fully appreciate the humor of Seth Macfarlane. Not only that, but the quality of the jokes has gone up the last couple of seasons. They’re no longer incoherent, put together little pieces of absurdity, they’re now part of a bigger scheme each episode. They lead up to a big conclusion, which the earlier episodes didn’t do as strongly as they do now. For this, Family Guy receives a fifth spot on the list. (PS: I think American Dad is on par with Family Guy, but in order to keep this list to just five shows, I picked Family Guy because it is the ‘original’. The Cleveland Show is a bit less appreciated by me)

4. How I Met Your Mother
If I’d made this list two years ago, I would’ve put HIMYM on the top. It is a great show, and both Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris shine as Marshall and Barney respectively. I don’t really care for the other three main characters, Ted is a bit of a whiny little bitch, and Lilly and Robin are just there to put a female counterweight to the male cast. Marshall and Barney make the show for me, but it is running out of fire. As I said, two years ago it was the best there is, but nowadays, they just seem to drag the story on and on, as if the big studios don’t want it to end in order to make more money out of it. Come on NBC, it’s been long enough. The next, eighth season should have Ted finding the love of his life. I don’t think I can stand having to watch Ted whine for two more seasons about how he can’t find ‘the one’.

3. Community
This series really found a way into my heart. It was almost cancelled this winter, but they got the green light to finish at least this season. If there will be a fourth season, depends on the american viewing ratings. It’s so sad to see a really good comedy go to waste because the target demographic doesn’t watch TV, but rather downloads the newest episode commercial free directly from the internet. The friendship between Troy (Donald Glover) and Abed (Danny Pudi) is especially awesome to watch, how they lose themselves in their imagination. Also, each episode spoofs a movie or cliché, which is very well done. I must say, the writers have really hit the right spot. Let’s just hope there’ll be a fourth season with more awesomeness.

2. South Park
Trey Parker and Matt Stone are back with the 16th season of South Park. Next to The Simpsons, South Park is currently the longest running animation series. Even though the quality had a slight dip between the 9th and 13th season, the last few seasons are great as always. The creators are masters in desecrating everything, from politics to television shows, from Al Gore to Ben Affleck.  From religion to charity. It’s a surprise they are still able to find new things to make fun of every episode , which is a big feat in itself.  If only the establishment took note of the moral lessons South Park provides, the world would be a better place. You can debate endlessly on your favourite character on the show, but for me Butters is clearly the winner. His naivety and helplessness is a great contrast to the main cast of Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman, which is greatly depicted when he turns into Professor Chaos, whereas everybody else decides to be the hero instead of the villain.

And my most loved show at the moment is… *drumroll*

1. The Office US
I didn’t watch the Office UK, and there where a lot of people upset about the ‘perversion’ of the US-remake. The fact is, it is now a great show of itself. Haters have stopped drawing parallels to the UK version, and that’s all due to the quality of the US version. Now in its 8th season, this is the first season without Michael Scott as the head of the branch. This might be a matter of opinion, but I think it is now better than ever. I sometimes disliked the awkwardness Michael brought about, and Andy is a great replacement. Add in other new characters, such as Robert California, CEO of the Company, and you have a good mix of incompetent and loveable characters, and competent pricks (in a good way). Dwight is finally coming to appreciate Jim in his own way, and Jim, well, he’s just Jim. He’s constantly balancing on the edge between ‘the right thing’ and ‘a good laugh’. The show kept getting better and better with time passing on, and it is now on the peak of its comedic qualities. It might drop, but for now, it’s currently the most entertaining show to watch.


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