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How to: full custom liveries for ACC

This tutorial was long overdue. I’ve been making full custom liveries since the option to do so emerged last year, but figured there were enough resources available. However, in the year that has passed I never came across a full written tutorial to do so. Furthermore, I keep getting questions on how to make full custom liveries like this one, these ones or this one (or get a full list of downloads here). This made me decide to write a ‘definitive’ guide on full custom liveries in ACC to help...


No, the SA-rating isn’t broken.

Explaining an often misunderstood system. One of the most heard complaints on Assetto Corsa Competizione’s forum or subreddit is about the game’s SA, or Safety, -rating. “Is the SA-rating bugged?” or “It is currently too hard to gain SA-rating” are near weekly threads. The question, in 99% of the cases anyway, always boils down to a core misunderstanding of the inner workings of the rating itself. I’ve often written long explanations as a response to try to explain how it works. With this post, my aim is to definitevely explain...


How to optimise your starts in ACC to jump the competition

You’ve probably had this happen at least once: you did everything right at the start, yet the person behind you is already ahead after not even a hundred meters into the race. There’s two options: he’s cheating (highly unlikely), or your starts aren’t as good as you think they are. I personally thought that ACC’s starting procedure was clear as day, but with nearly 1200 hours ingame my experience is not your average player’s. This thread on the ACC subreddit made it clear to me many people are struggling to...