The Mystery of the Lost Key

On thursday, my dad transported one of his/mine mountain bikes to my residence, the beautiful city of Leiden. It had been a year or so since I had an operational bike. Finally, I could go places without having the tedious job of walking there. I went to the ‘Albert Heijn XL’ (some oversized supermarket about 1 km from home). I went to work on it. Now, my dad has asked me to make a duplicate key before I lost it. Sure, I thought. I’ll do that in the coming weeks.

Needless to say, when I came home from work at seven in the morning last saturday, I locked my bike. When I woke up, I went to the local grocer to get my weekend supplies. When it was time to get something for dinner, I was planning on hopping onto my bike and ride to the supermarket again. But I couldn’t find my key.

pic related, it’s my bike.

So I searched and searched. It should be in my room, I thought. So I searched some more. I even went through my trashcan because it could’ve fallen in there (when I lost my wallet, that’s where I recovered it from). No luck. I searched every cavity, every single place the key could’ve fallen into. Nothing, nowhere could it be found. I’m still looking for it. My sister’s got the reserve-key, but she’s in Italy with my parents at the moment, so she couldn’t be of any help. Only her BF could help, but he has his cellphone turned of. I give him a voicemail explaining the situation, and am currently waiting for an answer.

While searching, I even searched ‘The Green Chair’. This chair has been in my studenthouse for a long time, being passed down from generation to generation. I found something peculiar. I am not referring to the movie ticket for ‘The Kite Runner’ from five years ago. No, I found something even more interesting. This.

Yes. Someone had put two old Nokia’s (model 3210) (unwillingly) in the side of the chair. These guys must have been there for about ten years. Their battery is dead, and there are no SIM-cards inside. But this just proves, when you’re looking for something, you’ll find things you least expect.

And no, I haven’t found the key yet.


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