Video – Short Clip: Smoothest pit-entry ever?

Sunday was a 90 minute ‘biggrid’ event (it turned out to be medium-ish grid). Qualifying fifth, I had decent pace. I took one position mid-way my first stint while coasting in fuel map 2. By the half-way mark, I had a couple of laps left on fuel but I decided to enter the pits to make sure I wasn’t undercut by Edoardo Radis who was right on my tail.

What happened after is best described by watching the video. I wasn’t even mad at this pit-entry. I was actually quite impressed by my own stupidity. You can hear my live reaction here, as I was in MrGit’s voicechat at the time.

The video itself did pretty well, sitting at 1.4K views and 71 likes (vs. 0 dislikes!) at the time of writing.

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