Video: Wrong car, wrong brakes, wrong fuel, wrong everything.

The new CP-server system in Assetto Corsa Competizione has brought a breath of fresh air into the game. Not just in terms of CP-server population (i.e. quantity), but also in terms of racing etiquette (i.e. quality). This has led to some awesome 45/60 minute races, with the featured video being a highlight reel of my most awesome experience yet.

Before joining the race, the track was set to ‘random’, which means you don’t know what track you’ll be driving before you register for it. I took the BMW as a safe option, but as it turned out, it was the wrong one for Hungaroring. Mistake number one.

I battled my way to a 10th position on the grid during qualifying, which is where my video kicks off.


I noticed how the BMW liked to guzzle fuel, so I took a safe 100 liters of fuel thinking it was close to enough. Mistake number 2 – as it turned out, I overfueled the car by 35L making it a lot heavier than the cars around me.

Mistake number three: I took the wrong brakepads. Since this was early in the 1.2 release (which introduced different brake options) I didn’t know better and picked option #3 which as it turns out is best used in wet conditions since it overheats quickly.

Combined with the (too) heavy fuel load, the heavy car and the poor brakes, this combined for a lot of missed apexes.

Race, part 1

My start, however, was brilliant. I immediately overtook three cars and outbraked a further fourth car into turn one, to grab 6th position. Add to that a lap two incident between the cars running in front and I found myself in 4th position.

As soon became apparent, though, I had fucked up my strategy (IRT fuel, brakes), as I started having very inconsistent brake performance into turn one. This led to me losing a lot of time at the start of the lap, having to consistently defend for the rest of the lap. This meant there was a great train forming behind me, which I kept in check until the pitstops.

I went in for an early stop, not wanting to be undercut by the people behind me.

Race, part 2

After the stop, one Porsche (which had been behind since the lap 2 incident but was actually miles faster) was able to overtake me.

After this, one by one the people who had been behind me before my stop came out of the pits, most of them still behind me, except for a few.

I was again overtaken, this time by an Aston. As you can see in the video (@7:10) he nearly drove into the back of me which made me take an immediate evasive action. In turn, I dreadfully missed the corner having no choice but to let him go (the Aston did get a drive-through later on).

For the rest of the race, I had more crazy defending from the Ferrari and Lamborghini which had already been behind me earlier, culminating in a clash with the Lamborghini (@10:20). Afterwards, the Lambo’s driver (Ludwigs, IIRC) said he was frustrated with me doing such a good job defending.

At the finish, I was back in 6th position, and I was on the edge of my seat for the entirety of the race.


I was streaming this race on my twitch channel, and as such I have also made this race available as a highlight. Yes, the original race was in broad daylight, there’s a bug/glitch in the replays with it sometimes showing a replay in being at night.

A still from the stream.

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