Opinion: are gamepads too easy to handle in Assetto Corsa Competizione?

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8 Responses

  1. Morikubo Shota says:

    Have you played with gamepad after recent two updates? I also am playing with gamepad. Before these updates, i could run 2m17 at SPA, 1m57 at Silverstone. Now only I can run 2m21, 2m00 . 1.5s ~ 3s, my laptime is down. Of course I am using steering assists. Do you assume Kunos nerf the steering assist?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Yes, they did rebalance the steering assist for gamepads. Afaik the assist also gives a ~50kg weight penalty to the car, which should result in about a second slower laptimes.

  2. sonicviz says:

    What’s your best settings using 1.4.2?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Hi, I haven’t tried playing with a gamepad since writing this article. Since I wrote this, Kunos has re-balanced the assist in order to take some of its advantages away. It seems a lot more balanced now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Have you tried to turn off all assists?

    • FelixR1991 says:

      I did, and it made it a lot harder. The fact is, I wrote this post over a year ago, and a lot of things have changed since then. Among one of those was a rebalancing of the assist, making it a bit harder to benefit from.

  4. Tommy says:

    Hello, I currently play on console. I can get top 10 times on Xbox with controller. I also only seem to be the one who can do this, I have to say. I disagree a lot with you, things may have changed. But steering assist does not correct your car. Stability control is the one that does that. I didn’t see you mentioning that anywhere and if you were to run 100% stab it would straighten your car every time. Steering assist is there to limit the wheel lock rotation so that when you flick the stick left or right at the current given speed, it doesn’t over rotate the wheel to do full 900 wheel lock in the Porsche at every attempt. This means to do a corner on wheel where you would rotate your wheel 90c left, on the pad you’d have to exactly move your stick 9% out of the 100 deadzone to the left precisely. Tell me if that’s a consistent and possible thing? Another thing is trailbraking and all the other things. I can do a time within say 0.5 of a pure hotlap time by the fastest guy which is fair, if you take into the amount of less steering, brake modulating and throttle precision you have on a trigger compared to wheel and pedals. So to perfect trail and brake modulating with your left finger on a trigger instead of the luxury of using hands and feet requires another level of skill. If I lock up once trying to do that I would instantly spin the car on entry. Especially cars that are more prone to this such as a Lexus for me. Amg evo and standard for eg are basically the easiest cars on braking and are less detrimental. I would say to start off pad is easier. But to then push the controller to match the top top times. Is where another level of skill is required, the same as it would for a wheel user

    • FelixR1991 says:

      Hi Tommy. I appreciate your opinion. I know things have changed. Especially before the game got released on consoles, they rebalanced gamepads’ assists. The steering assist would, within a fraction of a second, turn the wheel 450 degrees, much faster than humanly possible, in order to correct for spins. At the time, this meant you could really abuse this by overdriving the car. On braking, too, the car would automatically recover control – even with stability control turned off.

      So yes, I believe your experience is different to what I wrote. Doesn’t make me wrong, nor you. It means they (Kunos) fixed it!

Please, tell me why I'm wrong.