Wednesday’s Weekly [6] (Week 10, 2012)


I’m sorry, I’m gonna keep this really short. I have a majestic headache that isn’t going away after taking painkillers. It started out yesterday evening and it is still going on strong. Even looking at my screen hurts my head, ergo, I’ll keep this short.

Due to the headache, this day hasn’t been really great. I had class this morning which was torturing. Between classes, I bought myself some new ‘nespresso-cups’, because I had run out. I paid about 20€ for 60 cups. Not bad, if I might say so.

Yesterday, I changed the background to the blog. I hope you like it. It’s simple and clean, and I think it fits with the grayscale theme. I might tweak it some more. I also added a new page which collects these weekly’s. You can find it in the left sidebar.

As I said, I’m going to keep it short. There’s nothing really going on right now, other than my sister posting yet another link to my blog on her blog; which has resulted in about 400 pageviews as of yet. Thanks, sis.

Signing off,


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