‘4chan is kill’. How An Internet Dinosaur Was Brought Down

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  1. 4chan dies. Nothing of value is lost. says:

    “Other new janitors are appointed from his new group of friends.”
    With a pictures of moot with nullsleep(been on 4chan since ’04 I think) and ZUN, some girl and him going places and eating dinner.

    tl;dr moot has a life now and which means he’s betraying us all

    I also don’t get why it’s a big deal for moot to have attended a Sarkeesian conference. She does make good points about how women are represented in games, the only people I know IRL who would disagree on this are a few fedora-wielding mountain-dew guzzling faggots.

    I’m pretty sure that no matter what happens, 4chan-culture will always survive no matter what. 4chan goes down and the users migrate to other imageboards, a few weeks later life will go on for them as if nothing ever happened.

    • Felix says:

      Good points, good comment. I’m not an active anon. Never was, probably never will be. I’m an observer. I might have made a few factual mistakes. However, nowhere did I state that it wasn’t Moot’s place to do what he did. Just than anon is opposed to it. Nor did I say Anita didn’t have a point (not that I do think that that is the case), I merely stated that she’s a mortal enemy of (a lot of anon’s on) /v/ because she milks a few hateful tweets to prove her point.

      I don’t claim to know everything, I just have a certain baseline of knowledge, and did a bit of research into the subject.

      • 4chan dies. Nothing of value is lost. says:

        Sorry about being a bit aggressive in my previous comment, I guess I was partially venting the frustration from reading about all this drama. I otherwise didn’t really find any factual mistakes, it was an overall well-written article and you obviously did your research!

    • Another Shitlord says:

      “I also don’t get why it’s a big deal for moot to have attended a Sarkeesian conference. She does make good points about how women are represented in games,”

      I hope none of you faggots actually believe this. Her bullshit has been debunked time and time again, and the only response that was ever received was censorship and cries about harassment and oppression.

      • Raist says:

        I’d mostly agree but mildly disagree.

        1. Some points Anita made are valid and almost good


        2. as you say, these valid points are needles in a huge haystack of cherry-picking and removing context (e.g. Watch_Dogs and the prostitute auction thing) and flat out lies (e.g. Hitman: “players are encouraged to kill the prostitutes”).

        • Martijn says:

          Haystack? She may well have some errors, but you’ve got to be pretty dense to not see that her main point that the representation of women in many games sucks, is spot on.

          • a moderate says:

            absolutely not. her ‘main point’ isn’t that women are misrepresented in video games, her ‘main point’ is that this misrepresentation reinforces misogyny and sexism in the mind of the gamers and then points to ‘harassment campaigns’ against women (but doesn’t acknowledge those against men) as evidence, as if every gamer should be lumped in with shithead 16 year olds who think its funny to harass and threaten the women in question.

            absolute bullshit

  2. anon says:

    Don’t forget to plug 8chan.co! That’s where the other exiles are flooding. Coincidentally speaking of 8chan is also a banneble offense on halfchan now.

  3. Anon of 12 permbans says:

    Another bit of 4chan history that I think is relevant to the article, is that in the early days of 4chan, in that 2003-2004 period, ‘the rest of the internet’ had a problem with webforums being overrun with power-tripping owners and moderators. (SomethingAwful’s Richard Kyanka for example– but certainly every Gaming, Anime, etc., site had its Inner Circle Who Must Be Sucked-Up Too). 4Chan back then had no problem with ‘mod sass’, and certainly a good chunk of its creativity was taking the piss out of Moot (..and the poor unfortunate who’s photos he swiped to represent himself). That all died when attention-whoring Mods like W.T.Snacks showed up, though.
    Now, it’s wholly bannable to criticize the running of 4chan. SA only wanted 10 bux. Moot demands $20.

  4. yoshisen says:

    As an important point infinitychan is now the international site of 2ch.net(they’re hosted on it). For those that don’t know 2ch is famous in Japan, pretty much anyone with a net connection there uses it, or has used it at some point. It was built on the premise that information should be free, and so it is. That means you’re going to find nationalistic, racism, asshattery posts to stuff on gundams, why the abe cabinet is a bunch of tools, and why FF Tactics is better than FFIV.

  5. kek says:

    I don’t like your pasta metaphor. Here’s another way of writing that:

    Person A invents spaghetti. Person A has friends over and serves them the world’s first spaghetti dinner. One of the friends, Person B, enjoys the spaghetti so much he copies the pasta recipe. Later, Person B’s parents are in town so he decides to prepare some spaghetti without mentioning he copied it from Person A. Person B’s parents enjoy the spaghetti a lot and praise their son for being such a great cook. Person B’s parents then talk about this amazing spaghetti recipe at their workplace, book club, church, and every other place they go. Though, since Person B’s parents don’t know what a tomato is they mess up the recipe when telling everyone the round red thing their son used was an apple. Some time later Person A is over at his parents’ house for dinner when they serve him a new amazing meal they had just heard about. Person A is then served “spaghetti,” with apple sauce in it instead of tomato sauce.

  6. >Now, we’ll shortly shift our attention to another website, called Tumblr.
    >Early adopters found it a useful place to spread their fandom of certain things, namely Doctor Who and My Little Pony.


  7. Niels says:

    Well-written article. I miss the old days.

  8. bitJericho says:

    So basically Moot is the cancer that is killing /b/? Lol, I think you need to brush up on your e-history.

  9. FormerGoon says:

    Nice article. The entire saga reminds me of how the SomethingAwful forum also “died” in a much similar way. Lowtax replaced mods with “politically correct” mods who were at odds with all of the old creative SA goons and they eventually all left; leaving SA a shell of what it once was.

  10. Martijn says:

    The information on GamerGate is wrong. Zoe Quinn didn’t sleep with multiple journalists to get favourable mentions, she got a relationship with one journalist who hasn’t written about her since.

    Also, this is the first time I’ve heard that Tumblr has anything to do with the Dutch Sinterklaas discussion. It’s mostly Dutch activists, journalists, writers, citizens and celebrities who are having that discussion.

  11. Phil says:

    Well, I guess if 4chan wants to alienate their core, the core will just go somewhere else. 8chan guys? 8chan.

  12. EverNitro says:

    There is a post going around Tumblr about 4chan threating Emma Watson with nude pictures of because of some speech about Equality…?

    I actually don’t get it, I would really like someone to explain if it’s related to all this, GG or just riot-calling farce?
    Because… I arrived to this article mostly because of said Tumblr post that I literally just saw an hour ago.

    • Felix says:

      It’s a kneejerk reaction really. Emma Watson is going to give a speech on feminism at the UN. Those nude shots are a purple dragon most guys have been chasing ever since she hit 18. I don’t know if they even exist in the first place. They’re threatening Watson with the pictures because they equate her kind of feminism with the RadFem/Feminazi often found on tumblr.

      It’s a farce, really.

      Also, someone rolled 57000000 or something and declared Emma Watson dead. It’s the rule of the rolling game. I don’t think it is very serious.

      • EverNitro says:

        Glad to read that, though you know people on Tumblr take things a little bit too serious sometimes, ha. I think I’ll just… stay away from that website a while now.

        Ah, well… Thank you very much for the article!

    • Snail Mail says:

      There’s a screenshot doing the rounds right now that alleges that the threats against Emma Watson are mostly coming from a single server run by a PR company. The implication is that it’s a stunt to impersonate 4chan users and get the site shut down, launched by people hired by victims of the Fappening. No idea if it’s true or not.

  13. Email (required) says:

    It’s a shame internet users have lost the chance to see what free anonymous speech looks like. RIP 4chan; it was truly an amazing learning experience.

  14. Anon of 12 permbans says:

    A literal example, rather than an analogy– /ck/’s ‘Mug Cakes’. A friend just wouldn’t believe me that the recipe was partly mine.. and then go accused of being responsible for the ‘pot brownie mug cake’ that later meme’d itself around the Net.

  15. Jimmy says:

    Just stumbled upon this article, and found one or the photos above funny: Andrea Castillo is a hardcore libertarian who is completely opposite to the SJWs, so her twitter post above is satirical, not serious. That being said, it’s easy to find SJWs who really do talk like that.

  16. the says:

    this is some pseudo intellectual fucking garbage right here you can’t even tell that radfem and sjw are separate fucking conflicting groups much less the fucking garbage you wrote on describing what 4chan is like. wasn’t the killallmen hashtag one of the ones /pol/ faked because i remember someone taking credit for that. the “sjw raid” was definitely a fucking faked thing by /b/ (or was it /pol/) to try to egg /b/ into raiding tumblr, this is pretty fucking well known, and even then it wasn’t the sjws who would’ve been naive to take part it was the superwholocks the sjws know 4chan better than that holy shit. or don’t you know the difference between these subcultures and are just talking out of your arse.

    dumbest of fucking all though is you fell hook line and absolute fucking sinker for the “mod of /d/” story which was the most made up garbage i’d ever seen. like there are no board specific mods (and that follow up of “i meant i modded /d/ mainly” was the worst fucking save i’ve ever seen and total garbage to anyone who’s familiar with the moderating software of chan boards and should’ve said “this is a big fake” to anyone who had any fucking brains), and the “mod of /d/” was claiming that the mods were being replaced by sjws on other chan boards and knowing mods on other chans i asked and they confirmed there’d been basically no changes in mods (and why would they when they’re not even related to 4chan and most of them hate 4chan and want 4chan to go the fuck away? they specified 7chan like 7chan fucking hates 4chan so much holy shit)

    but don’t you think a big time media person’s daughter killing themselves would end up with ANY kind of media attention at all? or does the gamergate hashtag have some new dumbarse justification for why they think that too that they pulled out of their fucking disgusting anuses

    do not write anything ever again

  17. Dando Z says:

    OP is a faggot who knows precisely fuck-all about 4chan and Internet culture at large. Privacy-invading raid culture and its defenders are the cancer that killed /b/. moot is a fine sir for brandishing the b&hammer against parasites who contributed nothing of value to the boards. GOODNIGHT SWEET PRINCE

  18. Sam Hyde says:

    “Person A invents a new way to make pasta. He cooks this pasta to some of his friends. One of his friends, person B, thinks he knows the recipe, and cooks it for his parents, without telling it is Person A’s invention. Person B’s parents think it lacks a bit of X and Y, or perhaps subtract Z, and add it to the recipe. They talk about this amazing new way to make pasta invented by their son at their workplace, book club, or hell, even church. Then, when Person A goes home to his own parents for christmas dinner, and gets served his own pasta recipe. Only, it doesn’t even resemble his recipe, and neither did he receive credit for his work. Instead, Person A starts a crusade against this pasta. This is what 4chan regularly does.”
    You forgot one crucial point.Channers are anonymous cowards so a more accurate comparaison would be Person A let his pasta recipe in a public place,dont take credit or register the pasta and whine like a baby when someone take the idea in the open
    Ergo channers are hipsters in denial that try to twist the meaning of words to avoid the reality

  19. lisdfsdf adfhgj says:

    everyone here is a worthless piece of garbage

  20. Anonymous says:

    >2014 +2
    4chen still alive and doing well, faggot.

Please, tell me why I'm wrong.