ACC livery showcase #03: ten more liveries for you!

Welcome to already the third installment of the ACC livery showcase! Today, I have a lot of nice looking liveries again for you in store. I got one in the mail from Filippo Caneo, with whom I had (coincidentally) an excellent fight on Monza just the day before. Other liveries today include those of my friends Andreas and Peebz. So lets get to it, shall we?

WEC Porsche by Filippo Caneo

It might not be the most original idea for a livery (Filippo said as much in his email to me) but he wanted to share it and because I didn’t have any WEC-like Porsche in any of my earlier posts, I’m happy to include it on the list. Thanks Filippo!

Ferrari 488 by FelixR1991 (me)

Last week, people fell in love with the final livery on the list, a Porsche design I made. This is simply that color combination pasted on a different car that I thought also looked nice.

BMW M6 by Peebz

Peebz wanted to share this livery with me. I’m not going to argue on taste, since that is subjective. He obviously liked the look of this, so thanks for your submission! Also, be sure to follow his stream where he curses are windmills. XOXO

BMW M6 by FelixR1991

On the subject of taste, this is what I would do to the bimmer. To each their own, huh?

Audi Team Joest by Andreas

I really like this one, not that the color combination is so great, but because it resembles the Audi LMP1’s of the early 00’s so closely. Andreas really is an ideas’ man, and he knows how to execute them.

Bentley Team by FelixR1991

I made these as an experiment to how livery variations can work within a team. I couldn’t decide between the two so I’m posting them both as variations of each other.

AMR V8 by FelixR1991

This will most likely by my daily driver for the rest of the AOR-league. I really like the blue and orange combination, I just wish the Aston has more livery options that the current one it has because it is hard to make it less dull.

Mercedes AMG by Andreas

This one is based on Sydney Meeke Motorsport . I had to look it up, but apparently it’s WRC-driver Kris Meeke’s (grand?)dad’s team which prepped cars for rally driving. With the white rims, the merc does indeed look ready to head up Pikes Peak. Or, you know, crash in a puddle on Kemmel.

Porsche 2019 by FelixR1991

I made this one in the same session as the BMW I posted earlier, you can see because they use generally the same (dark blue) colored rims. I like how the chrome finish really fits on the car in this one. Not too fond on the mirrors, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay.

Nissan GT-R by Peebz

Another one by Peebz (as discernible by the blue-edged rims). While making this he kept giggling about the ‘ultimate Boomer mobile’. I still don’t fully know what he meant by that. But, beggars can’t be choosers, so I’ll use this one to close out the list for this week’s showcase!

Send in your own!

These are just ten quick examples of what you can do using the livery post and the new skintemplate post we created. I would love to see what you can. If you want to make it in next week’s post, feel free to send me an email at containing your own .json file as an attachment. Also, please let me know how you want to be creditted (name/website/twitter/instagram account, etc).


You can download the liveries by clicking on this link.