ACC livery showcase #04: Yes, we are back with 10 more greats!

Last week, I was unable to write this post due to a mild food poisoning. On the plus side, I broke my personal record of throwing up in a span of 24h, heightening it from 6 to 8 times. That’s why there was no post last week, but this week we’re back – with a vengeance!

Today I have a lot of liveries which were sent in through email: we’ve got Ecnelis’ Bentley, Yurahe’s Porsche and a few designs by ZaidenGER and Napo24. Thank you guys for sending them in, keep them coming!

Lets look at the designs, shall we?

Porsche Formula E, by ZaidenGER

We’ll start of with this design on the Porsche, utilizing the colors the new Porsche Formula E team is using in said competition. Simple, yet effective.

Mercedes AMG F1 LH44, by Napo24

By Napo24’s own words: “the AMG is (obviously) inspired by this year’s F1 livery. Took a bit of tinkering but I think it turned out pretty good.” – Well, I agree. It does look a whole lot like what the F1 team would look like on the AMG GT. Just a shame that I, personally and irrationally, hate the Mercedes F1 team.

Mercedes AMG GT Black Edition – ZaidenGER

I’ve come to know Zaiden as somewhat of a Mercedes fanboy. For his birthday last week (happy birthday, again!) His dad got him a C63 AMG to drive for the weekend. This doesn’t have anything to do with the above livery, or it might, I dunno. Next time, send in a motivation Toby!

Bentley Continental GT3, by Ecnelis

Ecnelis on the official AC(C) forums or maybe better known under his racing name Rossollini. I’ve driven this guy in this exact livery quite a few times and he’s, as far as I know, pretty decent and very clean. Check out his youtube-channel where he posts his race highlights!

Not so fast Rüdiger, by Yurahe

According to the author, the inspiration for this car’s name is a youtube video wherein two people are playing with a newly built RC plane. The inspiration for the car’s colors are liveries from the original Assetto Corsa, or so he told me. Now that I want to post them I can’t find them, so you’ll just have to believe me that this livery looks nothing like the ones he supposedly based them on.

Porsche 911 – Orange/Blue, by FelixR1991

One of my own which I really like. Yes, it doesn’t look ‘cool’ or ‘metal’, it looks happy. It’s colorful, with the colors loosely inspired on the Gulf colors. My actual idea while creating this was to recreate a Manor F1 livery, but in creating it I abandoned said colors in favor of this scheme.

Ferrari Sauber F1, by ZaidenGER

This one by ZaidenGER looks pretty good to me. The white with dark red is based on Alfa Romeo’s current F1 livery, while the green details are based on the quadrifoglio verde, the name and logo of Alfa’s racing operations. Well done!

Jamaican Honda NSX, by Napo24

I can’t get over the fact how much this livery does indeed reflect the Jamaican flag. The racing number might make this a bit of a meme-y livery, but the livery itself really fits the theme.

NFRR AMG GT, by FelixR1991

This is the second livery I actually raced for a long time, up until the release of ACC v1.1 really. It’s about time that I include this classic in a list such as this one.

Lamborghini Red Bull Test, by Napo24

Last but not least, this is my favorite among the bunch. Napo24 created this livery to look like the testing livery Red Bull used for their F1 testing, and Aston Martin is using now for their Valkyrie project. This one looks awesome, and I can’t wait to put this color combination on an Aston! 😀

Send in your own!

These are just ten quick examples of what you can do using the livery post and the new skintemplate post we created. I would love to see what you can. If you want to make it in next week’s post, feel free to send me an email at containing your own .json file as an attachment. Also, please let me know how you want to be creditted (name/website/twitter/instagram account, etc).


You can download the liveries by clicking on this link.

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