Design: Audi ABT e-tron FE07 ACC Custom Livery

Formula E. People seem to either love it, or hate it. Myself, I think the series has great potential but still has some problems to overcome. However, it is undeniable that Formula E has spawned some great looking liveries. The best of which, I think, is the Audi ABT e-tron FE07, pictured below.

The ABT e-tron FE07, Audi’s 2021 Formula E competitor.

I’ve been toying with the idea to recreate this livery in Assetto Corsa Competizione (ACC) for a long time, but it seemed to be out of my league. Last week, I tried my hand at another Audi livery with my hommage to the Jordan 191 F1 car. With some experience on working the Audi template (link to download) under my belt, I thought it was time to finally try my hand at the FE07 as an ACC custom livery.

And boy, I am so glad I did. See the result (and the free download) below!

The ACC Custom Livery

Because the shape of the Formula E car is ofcourse much different than the Audi R8 LMS GT3 Evo, it wasn’t simply a matter of copy/pasting each graphical element on the GT3 car. While the livery is largely inspired by the source material above, each element had to be conceived, lined out and hand-crafted onto the template.

As with most of my other liveries, I present two versions: each representing one of the two drivers similar to how they run in Formula E. #11 is driven by Lucas di Grassi and has black elements on the roof and mirrors, while #33 is driven by René Rast which has red elements.

Without much further ado, I present to you the result!

Di Grassi’s #11 with black elements
Rast’s #33 with red elements
Side view
Top view
Front view
Rear view
Three-quarter view


As with all my liveries, I offer this one for free to download and use. Click the link below to download it from my Google Drive!

>> Click here to download the livery <<


As is tradition, I took the car for a spin to make some screenshots as promo material. Here’s a couple of them!

And the editted version!

Thanks for reading!

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Do you want to make your own custom liveries? You can! I explain how to do it in this post.

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