Design: Running is in my sole

Before I talk about the design above, I have to tell you a little story. Scroll down if you want to go directly to the designs!

Last monday, I ran a personal record on the half-marathon distance (21.093 meters). I obliterated my previous best (1:55:06) by over six minutes (1:48:56).

I wasn’t planning on doing a record attempt. No. I was doing a testrun preparing for a record attempt which was at the time (and still is now) a couple of weeks ahead. I had been slowly building my pace and distance over the past few months. When going out the door, I was planning on doing a eighteen kilometer test on slow pace (~5:25min/km, 8:42min/mile).

Instead, I went out with a way faster pace, on average 5:10min/km or 8:19min/mile. I tried going slower, but to no avail. I felt an uncontrollable urge to go 5:10. Why? Well, I have a hunch.

This was the first endurance run I did on my new Nike Pegasus 37’s (no, this is not a sponsored post).

At first I thought my legs would probably give out at around twelve kilometers on this pace, but they didn’t. Neither at fifteen. Even at eighteen, I felt strong enough to continue for an extra three K’s.

Eventually, my struggle started at nineteen kilometer. However, at that point it was only two kilometers to go. I brought it home, nearly maintaining my initial tempo to finish with an average pace of 5:11min/km or 8:20min/mile.

The Idea

The day after, I compared the soles of my new 37’s with my old 35’s (on which I had already done seven hundred kilometers). Not only was the extreme wear immediately evident on the 35’s, no. What struck me was the beauty of the design of the 37’s sole. Instanteneously, I wanted to make a design based upon it.

Starting out, I recreated the sole’s pattern in illustrator. I wanted to add something motivational as well. Instead, I came up with this shitty pun. I had a few different versions even (ex: “it runs through my sole”) before I decided on this form of phrasing.

Now I hear you thinking: Felix, why the rainbow? Why the LGBT-symbolism? Is this some sort of coming out?

No. It wasn’t even my idea originally. It was my brother-in-law who gets the credit for that one. He suggested it, and I worked it into the design. I really like the colours. And, as a Dutchman, why wouldn’t I support LGBT(Q+) causes? So, the rainbow stays as the main design.

I did make variations. I made one for light backgrounds (substituting white for black), made full black and/or white versions, and versions without the pun – because my humour might not be for everybody – and put them all up on redbubble!

The Designs

Well, here we are: at the designs. I put links to the corresponding redbubble pages. There are many great products available for (in my humble opinion) fair prices. My only grip is that redbubble doesn’t do running shirts (if you know a service that does, please let me know!).


If you like to buy this design, but you prefer it in a different color or with a different text, please let me know via or via twitter (@Felixdicit) so I can make it how you wish.

All images are hosted on imgur. Click here for the full imgur album!

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