Can you spot the differences? Even for me, as their brother, it’s hard to separate the two. My older sister, Annemerel, on the left right, has been blogging for ages. My little sister, on the opposing side, thought it was a good idea to follow her example. Because they’re now in the beautiful country of Italy, I decided to check on what they are doing over there. They both did a photoshoot. In front of the same wall. Wearing the same sunglasses.

I mean, yes, you can better copy a good example than fail on your own, but this just seems a bit over the top to me. You could’ve at least chosen a different background, or a different color of dress. Or shoes. You can see my little sister’s shoot here, and my older sister’s shoot here. 

I’m not opposing the idea of them blogging together, but for the love of god, try something original for once.

Felix, out.

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