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My sister is a quite well-known/read blogger and vlogger in The Netherlands, primarily in the health/lifestyle-segment. Running is her thing, and everything that encompasses it – be it healthy food or (running) shoes. She is doing pretty well for herself, of which I’m pretty proud. While I’m not trying to put my nose too far up her ass (god forbid she becomes arrogant), there is one field I think she is kind of lacking, and that is visual creativity. Yes, she knows how to take a great picture, but in...

LIVEBLOG: Dutch Elections 2012 1

LIVEBLOG: Dutch Elections 2012

Today is election day in Holland. The first results are turning up, and I’ll be liveblogging the whole event. The big question is Europe, yes or no. Do we send more money to Greece and other failing economies within the European Union, or do we withdraw? Socialists and Populists both want to exit the EU, while Labour (PvdA) and LibDem (D66) want to further tie our economy with the Union. A little intro on the Dutch Parliament. It has 150 seats. Last election (2010) was won by the ‘VVD’, with...

Welcome Back, Did You Miss Me? 0

Welcome Back, Did You Miss Me?

Hey there peoples. I’ve been away for a while. Part of me wanted to keep writing, part of me didn’t. I wanted to do a redesign, but everything I tried looked absolutely rubbish. Today, I finally had some inspiration, and in about 30 minutes I made this. You don’t have to take a long time to make something good when you have inspiration, so I say 30 minutes suffices. I’m planning to restart regular writing and or making other forms of content (video’s, artwork, pictures, etc.), even Wednesday’s Weeklies will...

Diversity 1


Can you spot the differences? Even for me, as their brother, it’s hard to separate the two. My older sister, Annemerel, on the left right, has been blogging for ages. My little sister, on the opposing side, thought it was a good idea to follow her example. Because they’re now in the beautiful country of Italy, I decided to check on what they are doing over there. They both did a photoshoot. In front of the same wall. Wearing the same sunglasses.

Wednesday’s Weekly [2] (Week 6, 2012) 0

Wednesday’s Weekly [2] (Week 6, 2012)

Well hello there, reader! I can’t believe it’s wednesday again, which means it’s time for the second episode of Wednesday’s Weekly, the more diary-like weekly column dedicated to everyday things and general planning for this website. First off, yesterday I wrote a piece about the superbowl trailers. After doing four trailers, I got tremendously bored of copy pasting html codes over and over again. I decided to cut it into two parts, and promised to post the second part today. I haven’t really started on it yet, and I have...