Doing Stuff.

Hi there, a little update from me, as I have not posted for a few weeks. For that, I am sorry, but I’ve been busy as hell. I have finally found the time to sit down and write this small post, as to why I haven’t posted and what has caused that.

So yeah, busy. I had a few things. Let’s start New Years, which was two weeks ago. After that, I fell ill with the dreaded NORO-virus. Not something I could recommend. This lasted from the second of January, to the third. That’s why I missed the first Wednesday’s Weekly. Come sunday, I had a deadline on a 4000-word essay, so I couldn’t do the 7WTFacts (researching and writing takes about 2-3 hours, time I could spend better writing the essay).

Last week, I had two exams; one on Tuesday, and one on thursday. Instead of writing another Weekly, I was in the University Library studying my ass off. Then, this weekend, I was at my parents’ to celebrate my birthday. On sunday, instead of writing another 7WTFacts, I went birthday-shopping with my mom. However, this wasn’t a big success as there were no things eligible for me to purchase (I was looking at tablets, the ones I saw where either crap, or WAY above my budget). I spent the rest of sunday together with the family, so no time for 7WTFacts.

That brings us to today. I did a hell of a lot today. First, I went to the dentist. Then, I went back to Leiden. Not knowing what to do with my day, I went to the barbershop to get a haircut. Seeing as I was already in the city centre, I went to the bank to get a new PIN-card, because due to a stupid new law, I had to confirm my identity with the bank. The saddest thing happened while I was there. I had wrapped a plastic bag around my bike-seat, because it normally absorbs the rain which makes for a wet butt whenever I take it for a ride. When I got out of the bank, the bag was missing. I looked to my left, and I saw someone with the exact same bag walking away, having put his stuff inside the bag. This person knowingly removed the bag from my bike, and made it his own. Wow. Weirdo.

I didn’t want to make a big point out of it, so I continued my journey through Leiden. I was in the neighbourhood of a ‘Mycom’ (some Dutch computer store), so I looked at their Tablet offering, which wasn’t much. I journeyed on and stumbled upon a cake-store. I bought an apple-pie, to share with my housemates tonight (22nd birthday, yadayada). When I came home, the kitchen was a mess. Because the person responsible for cleaning was sick, I took over his job and cleaned the kitchen in about two hours.

Not being content with my haircut, I wanted to take a shower. However, I chose to do a set on the ergometer first. Having showered, I went to the neighbourhood store to get some supplies. It was quite slippery due to the freshly fallen snow, so I decided to clean the street for a bit (for some real-life karma). While cleaning, some street sweepers saw what I was doing, and gave me some salt to really eradicate the snow on the pavement.

And now I’m just sitting here. Typing. It was a busy day, but a good day. I hope this makes for a good start to my 22nd year of life.

Please, let me know what you think!