Design: Ginetta Cup Livery (and get your own!)

Yesterday, I announced the Ginetta Cup, organized by our start-up community ‘The Privateer’s Pitbox‘. In it, four screenshots of a uniquely liveried Ginetta were featured. That livery was custom made by yours truly as a promo for the Cup. The idea was never to only use it for promotional ends. No.

I build this livery with the intention to make many, many variations. I made it modular. This means it is possible for me to easily change the colors. But why?

Well, basically because I want to whore out my services in order to attract people to race in our Ginetta Cup and give them a free ACC livery. And, because I can then make more awesome screenshots featuring cars carrying our logo, to get even more promotional pictures for future events. It’s all part of the master plan!

But first, lets have a more detailed look at the livery, shall we?

The Livery

The livery is obviously inspired by the Dodge Viper of yesteryear. I personally think it is a good fit with the Ginetta, because it already looks like a miniature Viper. The stripes just bring it out more. I opted for orange stripes, with a grey and black base color for my own version of the livery.

Below, you can see what others have opted for so far.

The Variants

Yurahe opted for a German-flag inspired colorscheme
Jeroen Jongen wanted an all-yellow livery. I’m not hurt.
Guido Trampe is a fan of JPS Lotuses.
Gulf, anyone?
Another example
And a final example.

Get your own!

What do you need to do to get your own version? Well, here’s a small-ish list of things:

  1. Become a member of our discord;
  2. Become a member of our Simracing.GP community;
  3. Register for The Privateer’s Pitbox’ Ginetta Cup;
  4. Answer these questions in our discord’s ‘#acc-skins’ channel:
    A) What base colour would you like?;
    B) What colour would you like for the left stripe (or none)?;
    C) What colour would you like for the right stripe (or none)?;
    D) What racing number would you like?;
    E) What name and nationality can I put on the door?

Before the start of the Ginetta Cup, I will publish all liveries in a single download folder so you can download your livery as well as the liveries of the other competitors.

Please note, custom liveries are not mandatory for participation, you can use Kunos’ or your own livery if you wish.

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