Get ready for the Ginetta Cup!

Saturday January 30th will be the kick-off of The Privateer’s Pitbox’ inaugural ACC Championship, the Ginetta Cup. One car, five races, three Saturdays (Jan 30th, Feb. 6th and Feb 13th) and only one Cup. This post will detail all you need to know about this upcoming championship.

Registration to the Ginetta Cup is open to anyone, regardless of skill-level. The aim is to have fun and for people to build experience racing in leagues. If you’ve never taken part in league racing, don’t be affraid to sign up: you are the one we’re aiming at as our target audience.

You can register your participation by following this link.

PS: If you take part, I offer to make you a unique custom livery for the Ginetta. Read more on this offer here.

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Championship Set-up

The championship will be organized through the Simracing.GP platform. To register, you will need to have a Simracing.GP account. You can get one through invitation by asking in our discord.

January 30th will open the Ginetta Cup with two sprint races, the first at Monza and the second at Brands Hatch. Each event will start with a practice session of 20 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of qualifying. The race will be 30 minutes long, without pitstop. The in-game start time is 15:00h. The in-game time multiplier for these races is 6x, meaning it will simulate three hours (with an expected finish at 18:00h).

February 6th sees us going to Laguna Seca and Zolder with a similar setup. Start with 30 minutes of practice, 15 mins of qualifying and a 30 minute-long race without pitstop. The races start at 15:00 and finish at 18:00h.

February 13th will be at Silverstone for the closing race of the Ginetta Cup. This race will start with a 30 minute practice session, followed by 20 minutes of qualifying. The race will be 90 minutes, with an 8x time multiplier to simulate 12 in-game hours. The in-game start time will be 03:00h and finish at 15:00h.

The pitstop strategy on this final race is free for you to judge for yourself, but due to the length of the race at least one pitstop is required to make it to the finish line. Furthermore, this race has double points up for grabs, to make the title race even more interesting.

Each practice session will start at 20:00CET (19:00UTC) meaning the qualifying to each race will start at 20:30CET (19:30CET). There is a couple of minutes of breathing space between events. Each race will have random weather. This means there is a possibility of rain for each race, but it is impossible to know in advance whether it will rain or how much.

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The rules are simple: don’t be a dick. Mistakes happen and are allowed, but intentional crashing will mean a ban from the championship. Excessive cursing in chat will also result in a ban. Treat each other with the respect you wish to be treated with yourself.

There will be no live-stewarding for this race. However, if you feel your race has been ruined by someone else, feel free to record a clip for it and DM it to me on Discord. I have experience stewarding, among others, AOR so I am confident in my ability to pass fair judgement.

Judgement will be done by subtracting penalty-points from one’s race result, measured by the severity of the offense. However, I hope that it would not have to come to this, as the main purpose of this championship is to have fun and to improve ourselves as simracers.


The scoring is done automatically by Simracing.GP. The system can be seen on their page. Below, you can see a visual representation of the points-distribution.

Furthermore, bonus points can be earned through the following:

  • Qualifying position
  • Fastest lap
  • Most positions gained from starting position to finishing position.

Pole position gains 10 points. Second place in qualifying gains 6. Third place will get 4 points, fourth place will get 2 points and fifth place gains a single bonus point. Fastest lap will be worth an additional 5 points. Most positions gained will be a bonus of 10 points. However, if those positions are gained through illegal moves (cutting or punting), the bonus will move over to the next person.

This means that people looking for a challenge could attempt a ‘Last-to-first’-style race. Please keep in mind to remain respectful to those slower than you and to not make any rash overtake attempts.

These bonus points have to be added manually, and will be done by me the day after the race. Please keep in mind that the standings might not reflect the actual situation shortly after a race.

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There will be no ‘official’ broadcast of the Ginetta Cup. I will stream my perspective on my Twitch-channel and highly encourage other to do the same if they wish. If there’s a demand for it, I will record the highlights to the races and put the recording on my Youtube-channel.

Register NOW!

If you feel like this is your thing, feel free to register here. Keep in mind that there are only 30 spots available, first come first serve. If you think you’ll be able to participate, it is better to register in advance. However, if it turns out you won’t be able to partake, please unregister to make room for other people!

Another offer is on the table: register to race with us, and get a custom livery based on the one used in these screenshots made to your liking! Read more on this offer here.

Don’t forget to visit The Pitbox, join our discord, sync our calendar and follow our twitter account if you haven’t done already to keep up with the latest news and upcoming races!

Also, one more screenshot because why not.

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